Life is The Matter

I am a very positive person for some reason – and the way I view life reflects a lot of that. I am into bantering about scripture and anything concerning the church – yet these things are passions of mine – I really do very little concerning them in my actual day to day existence…why…no avenue for it + who would respect me in this theological game (no church I can tell you that)?

But it’s all good you know. Life is about perspective and I choose to see the enjoymemt I have with theology and it’s importance to me – if I never get respect for my work – so be it – I did this for me.

I had a chance to watch a documentary called ‘global metal’ yesterday – which was about finding metal-heads all over the world – including China, Japan, Indonesia, The Middle East, Norway, Germany, and Israel. Loved the show, was and still am a fan of metal music, and it really was a study in cultures worldwide. One thing really stuck out to me…this is about ‘life’.

They interviewed some Israeli metal bands and how this effected them – and I had to laugh at the truth one of them spoke. The person said the stuff in these metal songs does not scare him, he laughs at them really (ie: demons and what have u)…because real life is much scarier. Poignant, yes.

Real life is the issue – it’s the heart of the matter – and worrying about some unknowns and unseens and focusing attention there is a ‘waste of time’. See, what we got here is a failure to communicate…religion is faulty in the sense of focus/perspective. It’s not solving world problems – because the world is beyond repair anyways or is only something to conquer. Religion – for all its talk of hope – is rather hopeless in some regards.

But this is why theology is a passion of mine – not my life – a passion of my real life. Because in real life I have to deal with real issues and not suppositions about heaven, hell, or the unknown…if God wants to stay unknown – good for Him. I have to deal with life and not un-attach from it – which is a huge religious problem – one I had to break free from/rehab from for a few years.

My quest now is – is religious unattachment from this present realm and planet actually helping destroy it?