Getting Stoked Up!

I just read a blog on medical marijuana and the stance ‘against it’…but I know a lot of people that smoke weed quite often (and some just casually)…and to be honest – in quite conservative amounts the drug does very little to anyone. Just speaking from what I have seen, witnessed, or done.

Is weed really that bad? I think in excessive amounts and to young minds it can be (teenager minds are still growing). I think if it becomes something that is being over-done – it also becomes a barrier to normal conversation and even hinders that person to some degree (and I mean smoking til blind type thing).

But a part of me has little problem with weed. People smoke it and seem quite ok to me – they don’t committ crimes, they don’t act violently, and they don’t become beligerent. The only part that bothers me is conversationally – but even that is small potatoes.

So – is weed really that bad?


7 thoughts on “Getting Stoked Up!

  1. No, it isn’t that bad at all. Don’t smoke it myself (heck, I don’t smoke anything) but I’ve known plenty of people who partake, from casual to potheads. This drug is far less dangerous than alcohol to the general public, and only more dangerous than cigarette perhaps if you factor in the lack of any filter to protect you even a tiny bit from the detrimental effects of the smoke on the lungs.

  2. i dunno how bad weed is… i think it’s a symptom of a purposeless society maybe.. i know my two cousins who use the stuff as a defensive mechanism as well as a community forming mechanism.

    all i know is i don’t need a drug that makes me hungrier. and i don’t want to walk around half-awake. the point of my existence is to wake up!

  3. I reckon stay right away from it. I have read about links between marijuana and schizophrenia and I believe this was a factor in my neighbour developing schizophrenia.

  4. The thing with todays pot is that its probably 20 times more powerful than it was in the past. Hydroponics has lead to the increased content of THC in plants. So its not quite as harmless as it was once thought. Also there are some links between “paranoia” and THC. So for people who may have genetic predispositions to illnesses such as Schizophrenia, smoking pot would be catastrophic. In an age when we wish are children would take less drugs, how smart would it be to make another one even more accesible? I have been around drug users for a large portion of my life. The vast majority of Pot users didnt stop there. The vast majority of them used or experimented with a whole array of drugs. If it was possible I would get rid of all of them. Unfortunately that is delusional thinking, cause they are here to stay.

  5. I agree with John. It leads to more. Alchohol is entrenched and efforts to prohibit it failed miserably in the US. And it is enough. We don’t need more and more and more as we have enough trouble handling the bad side of alchohol. Legalizing marjiuana will not help anybody, or almost anybody. And I know of know health benefits. Alcohol at least has very positive health benefits when used appropriately.

  6. I am also pre-disposed to think the legal sale of marijuana would not solve the problem for weed smokers – isn’t part of the fun the illegality of it? Maybe not.

    I think the points raised are about where I sit on the issue – from John and Doug and Luke – I know people that smoke it and most people will try other drugs as part of the repitoire. I think the legalization also is a misnomer – I am not sure the benefit to society? Except in medical cases.

    With that said, weed just doesn’t bother me – it’s not very harmful amongst those whom I see smoke it. There is no vicious personality change and violence does not accompany the use of it. Now I am speaking casual smokers here mind you – I think a drawback of weed is its inability to develop the use of further intelligence (ie: studying) – most people that smoke it kind of ‘numb out’ (so in this sense there is some escapism going on). But is that ‘all bad’? I like people that can enter deep convo
    ‘s myself – but it isnt that bad.

    I have tried it a few times in my life and find, in one instance (over a month), my memory was effected (recalling names for example). Now I have a great memory mind you – and I was a student at the time – so when I saw this happening I knew I would struggle with tests if I kept on. But the weed didn’t do much to make me a ‘bad’ person – just effected certain aspects of my person that I consider dear to me (ie: remembering people’s names and when we met).

    I wouldn’t legalize it mind you – I find that a step too far.

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