Faith, Reason, and Semantics

I watched 2 atheist comedians the other night – George Carlin and Jim Jeffries (both very funny BTW) – and many of the jokes revolved around religion and fact. I was quite taken with the funniness of the jokes – very good stuff – but also taken by the lack of logic in the jokes…then again…they are jokes. Got me thinking though…

Do atheists really not have ‘faith’? Do religious people really not use ‘logic’? In a black n white world – yes; in the real world – no.

It’s all really quite obvious – to anyone with any amount of intelligence and reason to think it through – both parties use that which they are claimed to not have (faith or logic).

(1) Religious people have logic – it’s really quite obvious. Ever read a theology text – dry (yes) but all logic or philosophy…how’s about those elaborate systems they call churches/synagogues/or mosques? If no logic was needed then nothing would stand – buildings use reason to stand (ie: where the beams and trusses go for example). Theology would mean nothing without a well traced and followable argument. Throw in the fact all religions have statements of faith they profess and one starts to see a pattern.

(2) Athiests have ‘faith’…to have none is to quit existing. Faith – as part of it’s definition is ‘trust’ – to some degree (whether blind or with reason). Everyone uses different levels of trust for different people. A bum outside 7-11 may tell you he wants a coffee in exchange for the dollar you are about to give him…do you believe him? Isn’t that kind of blind to trust just his words? Now our mother may tell us she will protect us from any and everything as children – it’s with merit and proof. Let’s say she allows a robber to physically harm us – did we think (rely on) she would always ‘protect us’? Why…because we had faith she would live up to her word!

I find it rather illogical (well Spock and I) to think one side is without a said ability when the facts are so overwhelmingly obvious. To say one side is without ‘faith’ or without ‘reason’ is to downplay your own ability to use the english language (or whatever language this crap is said in).


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