Divine Provision Summed Up?

Now is time to inteject with an idea – that I think is at the root of what is being taught by the disciples in the texts (which is not exactly the same as what churches teach on this subject).

I think the idea ‘God will provide’ – is truly being taught in the texts (no denial there). It’s the ‘provision’ part that needs to be dismantled more closely IMO. How is this provision from God happening?

(a) we never see God – known fact – so it’s not a face to face deal (or hand to hand deal)

(b) God however is claimed to be a ‘spirit’ – which is quite undefineable – but being people with spirits we can connect with this ‘Spirit’ on some unseen level

The ‘provision’ is coming from the example seen in Acts – that small community set forth an example of what the passages mean in Matthew or Luke (or the gospels in general).

In Acts we see needs being met left and right – for the widows, for family, for those in need…for those in community. Donations were receieved and kept for the whole community to benefit – as they all ‘lived for one another’ (under the One). Things were shared and they had all things in common (common being the key part for commun-ity).

So here is what I think:

God ‘provides’ – but are we listening? God ain’t gonna come down and start doing anything ‘hand to hand’ – this is left in our very capable ‘hands’. If we are not up to the challenge – that’s ok – or maybe we ain’t listening? Needs exist – but does community exist to bare those people up? No.

We have been provided with all we will ever need on this planet – all of humanity – and it’s a matter of sharing and living as one to realize the greatness of the resources we actually do contain. Problem is…humanity is very greedy – and has a history of ripping one another off for centuries. So this has put a huge dent in needs being met globally.

The problem isn’t neccesarily God’s provision – but humanity’s greed with the ‘provided’.

***Comment taken from OSS’ blog ‘How Far Do You Trust God?