Why Faith is Not a Problem…

(1) “Because can you still say you can trust God to keep you safe, or keep you fed, if the provisions have those limitations?” (OSS)

I am willing to put the blame squarely where it belongs – right on our own shoulders. Now maybe these limitations mean it will suck for many – that’s true – but should God just start raining manna down to solve human problems all the time? At some point we just become dependant on that and not ‘grow up’ and become responsible…we get that once we will look for it forever.

For me the point is all about responsibility – and God providing when asked, IMO, seems like a cop-out from personal responsibility and human community. If anything, God should be striking down the dicks that hold the supplies back from everyone else. Then again, we see one of those and we will want more of the same….at some point these are our problems to solve.

In that case, why bother involving God at all? Why present Him as a source of help? Why pray to Him for solutions?” (OSS)

Good question – better one – are we sure this is how God thinks on issues like this? We ask for the handout – He gives. Is this how this Spirit entity actually interacts with humans…I personally see very little proof of that close of an interaction.

Maybe the prayers are our voicing of what needs to be said – and God listens. Now maybe God allows us that much clarity when we do such an act (meditation) that we start to find in some strange way — God has provided all those answers in us already (and this Spirit nudges our spirit in those moments). Maybe the ‘kingdom of God’ is truly ‘within us’? Maybe we are created with that gem in us already.

Why is God involved? Because there is a mystery to this whole thing I don’t quite get. Humans can help humans and make this world such a great place or such a horrible place…but somewhere in there is a thing called faith that makes us people more loving, hopeful, and bright.

I believe humans actually do live succesful and happy lives by using and dealing with the faith aspect that’s all around us…from God to others – this idea God also seems to have left as is.

(Continuation of last blog – comments taken from OSS’s ‘How far do you trust God’)