Greece (first trip overseas)

So the time has come for me to bid adue for a few weeks (25 days to be exact) – as me and my wife (and some of her family) are travelling to Greece for a 25 day vacation. I know – sounds awesome – well it should be. It’s my first trip really anywhere by plane and to make a big leap for the overseas on my first flights – well let’s say I don’t make small committments (lol).

I am really gonna miss all the chatting and banter back n forth – but I may just keep in touch from over there – I am going to try – can’t say for sure if I will. Either way – a man’s gotta do some living.

So peace to all my cronies and to all my family – I ‘ll keep in touch when and where I can. Promises to be interesting.


9 thoughts on “Greece (first trip overseas)

  1. Thanks everyone – were on day 5 in Greece – and it’s been fun been staying in Agrinio which is a mountain region – I provided a link to a map so you can see also…

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