Greece Part 2

Been here for 2 weeks and some interesting stuff has happened.

(a) Country life in Greece is pretty sweet – not as good as city life – but very nice also! We were in Agrinio and stayed on a farm and I really loved the atmosphere and the people there.

(b) Local stores run by mom and pop still exist here – and I fricken love it! I wish Canada had not went the route of ‘Wal-Marts’ and big business – these local stores create and sustain community I am seeing.

(c) Greece has lots of ancient sites and beaches – if you are into sight-seeing and swimming – this should make your list of places to visit.  I am not too interested in the biblical stuff myself – but it doesn’t hurt it’s near me and I can go and see it (ie: Corinth).

(d)  Greek Orthodox faith is very superstitious and I think linked to Greek mythology still in some ways. However, I think both have interesting pasts and through-out this country I have learned a lot about saints and mythology.

(e) I got into my first care accident here…boo. And it was a doosy – but it was at this moment that we learned St. Dimitry is ‘watching over us’. Not that I totally believe that kind of stuff – but there is some interesting coincidences with that name.  

(f) I love the relaxation and true vacation that surrounds this country – they have naps in the afternoon and everything closes – man I love that idea!

(g) Everyone needs to do this at least once in their lifetime – visit a foreign country and live like the residents and have a real vacation. Something about this trip opens up so much more in life to me and makes me realize how another half of this world lives – and I can appreciate it!


3 thoughts on “Greece Part 2

  1. Can’t quite yet afford to go to a foreign country. But we are saving up for three fantastic days in Fullerton ( a few miles North of Anaheim).

    Large fries at Wendy’s. Different graffiti. $59 dollar a night rooms at the Super Eight Motel.

    We will be living large. It could set us back almost $200…but then…life is short.

  2. Yeah but any trip can be meaningful Steve – as long as one enjoys it is what matters!

    I like the concept of living in another culture other than mine for such a long stretch – let’s me learn a lot of various ways of living life.

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