Happy Anniversary!

5th year anniversary – and celebrating it in Greece…how wonderful is that!

We are spending some time in Tolo (rented a hotel for the day there) and we went swimming and had lunch at a taverna…tonight we are going to walk around, have supper, and just enjoy the night life of Tolo.

Greece is pretty fun I have to admit – the weather is beautiful and shopping here is quite fun also (bought $300.00 Euro for presents for people back home). Being here alone with my wife is also very nice – we can just be tourists and not have the constant of people trying to figure out what to do for us today – we can just blend in and walk the streets.

I think this is the best anniversary so far – and no need for presents – the adventure of being in Greece is reward enough!


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Awesome!

    Greece is on my wife’s bucket list. She turned down a college semester there to graduate earlier and put me through graduate school, so I owe her bigtime.

    Happy anniversary!

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