Finding the Fear in Christianity…

So I have been having some very eye-opening discussions with some fellow Christians and it got me to thinking about one small thing – do people follow God because they are ‘scared of Him’?

We do a lot a talk about grace/mercy and forgiveness and how we should ‘ not live in fear’ of God – but I wonder if this is actually the case. In my discussions, and in many in the past, with quite orthodox Christians I notice a type of ‘hidden’ fear that is not talked about very much…fear to challenge your own personal faith (asking questions).

I have noticed once I go down the path of inconsistencies or illogics in the NT scriptures concerning interpretation of many orthodox mainstays – Christians begin to ‘pull away’ – as if fearful of ‘asking those questions’. They then in turn justify this action by blaming the person asking the question as somehow being ‘UnChristian’ (fortunately for them I am ‘AChristian’). Who, whoa, whoa…I thought the God of perfect love ‘casts out all fears’? I sense those fears.

Apparently asking questions about the nature of God and what it all means is ‘ok’ – as long as you stay in the rigidly designed orthodox lines and behave yourself…going too far can mean expulsion. But I don’t see why that fear is neccesary – not in the path to learn ‘truth’ and more about ‘God’…how can we draw lines in that process? Unless someone wants you to believe they have ‘God figured out’? Then I can see the fear there – if the answers are all there and you deviate from those set answers – well you are being damned in some way for being ‘wrong’. But that sucks…cause the answers are not all there – there is still a personal journey and experience to figure out.

Christians are fearful to ask questions about a God they have figured out. They omit the finer details (like God being figured out already) and let you hear what ‘sounds good’ (not logical – just sounds nice). They are scared of God…they are scared of their higher-ups…they know what is going to happen if you ask ‘those questions’. What was once a nice orderly and loving community will become the same one that ‘judges’ you unto ostracization.

But hey, no one said it was going to be easy to follow the truth.