The Meaning of Faith?

What is the meaning of faith? What is it’s purpose and how should it impact an individual? These are some of the question swirling around my mind these days.

It seems Christian faith is primarily concerned with the ‘afterlife’ and one’s ‘eternal resting place’. The meaning of faith there is ‘security’ from a very doomed future…coined in the package of ‘salvation’.

But is that what faith is about? That seems to be the bottomline in most Christian theologies – get some security for the end and worry about the rest after that. Then one’s theology is constantly impacted by that ‘future event’ – even one’s actions now – that justification for one’s ‘mean’s are its ‘ends’….which can lead one into a sort of bi-polar effect with their faith (ie: when I am good I am very good – but when the end┬ábecomes meaningless – even my bad is meaningless). Needless to say, with the future as the bottom line in theology we can end up with some misplaced emphasis in the ‘here and now’.

So it has me wondering – if an event prior to your birth (Jesus’ death and resurrection) and an event that you have no clue when it arrives (ie: heaven or your death) are the leading factors of what your faith is…it may be fair to ask ‘what’s the use of your faith right now?’.