Christians Hate Islam. Fair?

I have noticed a lot of Christians talk about Islam in an almost shameful light…I think they hate that faith. Any little piece of news that comes out about Islam is criticized to the Nth degree and made for all people within Islam to wear – no matter a Muslims¬†personal beliefs on the issues at hand. Christians and their generalizations again.

Christians make some pretty wild accusations about Muslim people and I am not sure they are all that warranted. Maybe I am being naive but I notice the Muslims I meet and converse with are pretty cordial. I work at a Western University and see Muslims all the time – dressed in their traditional garb. I see very little problem from these people – they don’t cheat on tests, they don’t swear, they are fairly cordial, etc. Fact is most problems on a University campus come at the expense of Westeners, and most of that minor crime from those having too good a time (perhaps drunk).

So I hear and read about all this character assasination of people in this group and I think it’s un-called for. I admit some pretty shady things are happening in various places of the world in various Muslim groups (or countries) – but nothing more than what is happening amongst your Western cohorts in the name of ‘freedom’. Yet, we want to draw and quarter the Muslim…I just have to ask…is it because they don’t fit the standard of what is the¬†Western person per se? Is it because racially/culturally they are not as quite understood within the West? Is it because we won’t give them the time of day, nor respect because of the media?

They are people…and I love people…that’s what my faith taught me. I don’t need to hijack another’s faith to make mine look good or sound better.