Using God As An Excuse

My experience on the web blogs and forums has been that very few believers can adopt that kind of perspective of what they now believe. Most hold so firmly to their beliefs, even in the face of obvious contrary evidence. They believe what they believe because they WANT to believe it.” (Bob)

I agree. It is tough for someone to change their mind when they have it in their head that their version of the scriptures is 100% accurate – even when good evidence is being hashed out about that exact subject and better points are being made.

It’s at this point were God gets ‘used’ – and the person turns his excuses upon God. Can’t be a human interpretation problem…oh no no no…we just can’t understand God ways is all…and a whole horde of other excuses will come up. But in the end, it’s basically using God as cover for one’s own inadequacy in biblical interpretation.

***Comment originally aired at Naked Pastor’s “Cartoon: Germs