‘Outrage’ – Gays in Politics/Media

Had a chance to watch a documentary last night called ‘Outrage’ and it was easily the best doc of the year I have watched.

Synopsis from film site: “Academy Award nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) delivers a searing indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community they covertly belong to. OUTRAGE boldly reveals the hidden lives of some of our nation’s most powerful policymakers, details the harm they’ve inflicted on millions of Americans, and examines the media’s complicity in keeping their secrets.”

What I really loved about the show was the expose and hypocrisy by gov’t, media, and closeted gays in politics when it comes to dealing with gay rights. It reveals something about the human psyche of America on the gay issues (marriage, adoption, etc)…fear. Gay closeted politicians are scared to come out and defend gay rights of any sort – and the media is complicit with this idea – which also has many closeted gay individuals. They are scared to lose what they have gained, albeit via a lot of acting, and the reputation they have garnered in their respective roles. Can’t blame them in some ways – no one wants to lose all they have earned…but at what price?

They found the voting record of the closeted gay community was strongly against gay rights in any aspect or AIDS funding. In fact, many of the closeted gay gov’t members were leading members against their own community…guess they had to prove they were straight. It’s really sad because these people are helping to promote furthered bigotry against their own communities – of which – they should no longer be welcome in whatsoever (not even for some night time rendezvous). It’s crazy to think closeted gays are helping destroy the gay community…or at the least…deny them the rights of any decent citizen.

They were also finding some media moguls were also closeted gay people and were not helping the situation either. They refused to report on anything in this arena since it was seen as taboo to do so…even when it was news-worthy. Yet they found they would help report on the Conservative moral majority agenda about ‘family values’ which is essentially about the denial of any gay rights.

In the end, the film reveals tonnes and tonnes of hypocrisy caking the American landscape. Gays cannot marry nor adopt in most places – yet many gov’t officials and media people are gay – and they help run the very fabric of that country (and many of them are Conservative and backed by the moral majority). Yet no help for the gay community. Very odd.

Check the film out – worth the hour and half of time you spent watching it!


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