By Grace You Have Been Saved…

I hear that claim a lot on Christian blogs – we are saved by the grace of God. I am here today to give some ‘meat and bones’ to that expression and how I see scripture backing this claim up.

(a) Grace of God – what is this Grace? To me, the grace of God is His voluntary movement towards humanity – usually out of love for us.

(b) Grace has existed for eons. God has had grace since creation, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Judges, Kings, Prophets, and Jesus. God is gracious towards humanity.

(c) Grace does not let you ‘off the hook’. God has always been gracious – but that says nothing about you (just about God). You are still required to have a committment to God and the moral values taught within the scriptures. Your committment, in light of the grace of God, is to committ to make the world a better place by enacting the ideas of the kingdom of God (in your personal everyday life).

I honestly believe this is what the disciples of Jesus taught – and then Paul afterwards to the Gentiles. God is gracious – the good news is God’s movement towards humanity. God’s grace is meaningless without action from our ends. We need to committ to the kingdom of God and that’s our ‘faithfulness’. Yes you are saved by faith in God – faith needs to be understood as faithfulness. You are faithful to God’s kingdom (faith in God has a meaningful place to build a foundation upon).

So we can be thankful that God ‘moved’ and was gracious to us. But in order to be truly thankful – then live out the teachings of the kingdom of God and make the world around you a wonderful place to be.