The Law Is The Problem?

The point is that the law (that is what it is) is to be used to convict us, to kill us off to the self-justification project which we all want to engage in, and then to lead us to repentance” (Steve)

Either Paul is misrepresenting God or Steve is – you be the judge.

Steve says the law is meant to ‘kill us off’ since we ’self justify by it’. Basically, we can become prideful because we think we can follow the law to some great standard – correct Steve?

Thing is, has anyone read in the Torah where God hand-writes these commandments on stones and gives them to Moses? Hand-writes them – wow. This is the same law Steve is saying that was meant to ‘kill us off’ and ‘our self justifying ways’. How can one be self-justified by a law that came directly from the hands of the Almighty Living God?

Like I said, either Steve or Paul is wrong on this – God gave us the law – well to Israel to be exact. This is God’s law and His teachings on righteousnes – this isn’t some mans idea of what makes a human being wholesome. This came straight from the Almighty Living God and was so damn important He carved the words into stone Himself!

No one who follows the law is prideful or self-righteous – but is trying to follow God as God wrote. I think this same way when I look at Jesus’ teachings on Torah/Prophets…we follow not to be prideful (not even an option) or self-righteous – but to follow God. Can religious people become self-righteous – damn straight. But it’s not the teachings fault – but their own personal ego and love of attention getting in the way.

The law is not a bad thing – not sure why this is the case. God wrote it – when we say that law is something ‘bad’ we are basically calling God’s words the problem.

***Comment originally aired on Naked Pastors ‘Cartoon: Germs’


Have Faith? What About a Baptism?

What is your faith made of? Ever wonder this? A person can claim a lot about what they believe but until they are put in the spot to test their values – they really have no clue what their faith is made of.

I am going to clue you into what you faith should of started as – a committment. The second you got baptized was the second you made a serious committment to God. Let me guess, no one told you…no one told me either actually.

Baptism is a symbol of your personal committment to God – embracing the idea of repentance and the hope of the resurrection. One can leave this committment at any given time – don’t need to renounce nothing – just stop living by the teachings of God and your good to go. Baptism is only a beginning of a journey (which started at having faith) – but it’s not the end of it.

Your faith is a journey that will be tested along lifes roads and alleyways – do you truly believe what it is you say you do? How do you know unless you try it out?

Faith is not about having some hollow confession that ‘sounds good’. Faith is about living behind the thngs you garner from the teachings of God and becoming the substance of the living words (the words come in to real live action). John’s gospel introduces us to this paradigm – the living word. Now if Jesus was all talk then he’s just the ‘talking’ word – but he lived something he expected to see in his disciples (students).

 Faith is a lifestyle that will face points of extremes that will make many want to quit…for a variety of reasons. But at baptism you signed a committment to God that you swore to keep with your life. Good committments don’t have quitters…see any worthwhile marriage.