Finding God?

‘when the human spirit is most broken – this is where you will find God’

I don’t think we know much about God anymore…we are a very convenient culture. We have semi-rich preachers telling us about what to believe about God. Churches are really just middle class culture clubs complete with who’s on what board and when is the next picnic? The culture around us is very convenient in general…pre-packaged foods, fast food joints, huge clothing chains, coffee places…is it just me or does anything and everything come pre-packaged and advertised? It leaves very little room in a search for God – the need just isn’t there.

Now that may not be the worst thing – after all we are building off of the backs of the hard work of many good people before for us for centuries now…maybe those people recognized a need that we built upon and now benefit from. In their search for God they sought to make it easier on future generations…and did.

Maybe there is less need for God when things are going ‘so good’? At least, that’s my reasoning. I don’t think that is bad – human self sufficency – it just shows we have grown with what we have been given…and how can God be mad at that?

However, pain and struggle occur on a daily basis in this world – not everyone lives in convenience. I find in these places of pain and struggle the brokeness of humanity…and with it the need for God. I have been there a lot of times in my live coming from poverty and just recently to having to re-examine my marriage. I find the neccesary strength when I turn in frustration to God – or just in dire need. I see it in videos on the civil rights movement, in Gandhi’s struggle with being oppressed, and even in the gay rights movement and the hurt there.

That’s why I said it…it’s like when the human spirit just cannot handle anymore there will be relief.