‘Outrage’ – Gays in Politics/Media

Had a chance to watch a documentary last night called ‘Outrage’ and it was easily the best doc of the year I have watched.

Synopsis from film site: “Academy Award nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) delivers a searing indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community they covertly belong to. OUTRAGE boldly reveals the hidden lives of some of our nation’s most powerful policymakers, details the harm they’ve inflicted on millions of Americans, and examines the media’s complicity in keeping their secrets.”

What I really loved about the show was the expose and hypocrisy by gov’t, media, and closeted gays in politics when it comes to dealing with gay rights. It reveals something about the human psyche of America on the gay issues (marriage, adoption, etc)…fear. Gay closeted politicians are scared to come out and defend gay rights of any sort – and the media is complicit with this idea – which also has many closeted gay individuals. They are scared to lose what they have gained, albeit via a lot of acting, and the reputation they have garnered in their respective roles. Can’t blame them in some ways – no one wants to lose all they have earned…but at what price?

They found the voting record of the closeted gay community was strongly against gay rights in any aspect or AIDS funding. In fact, many of the closeted gay gov’t members were leading members against their own community…guess they had to prove they were straight. It’s really sad because these people are helping to promote furthered bigotry against their own communities – of which – they should no longer be welcome in whatsoever (not even for some night time rendezvous). It’s crazy to think closeted gays are helping destroy the gay community…or at the least…deny them the rights of any decent citizen.

They were also finding some media moguls were also closeted gay people and were not helping the situation either. They refused to report on anything in this arena since it was seen as taboo to do so…even when it was news-worthy. Yet they found they would help report on the Conservative moral majority agenda about ‘family values’ which is essentially about the denial of any gay rights.

In the end, the film reveals tonnes and tonnes of hypocrisy caking the American landscape. Gays cannot marry nor adopt in most places – yet many gov’t officials and media people are gay – and they help run the very fabric of that country (and many of them are Conservative and backed by the moral majority). Yet no help for the gay community. Very odd.

Check the film out – worth the hour and half of time you spent watching it!

Using God As An Excuse

My experience on the web blogs and forums has been that very few believers can adopt that kind of perspective of what they now believe. Most hold so firmly to their beliefs, even in the face of obvious contrary evidence. They believe what they believe because they WANT to believe it.” (Bob)

I agree. It is tough for someone to change their mind when they have it in their head that their version of the scriptures is 100% accurate – even when good evidence is being hashed out about that exact subject and better points are being made.

It’s at this point were God gets ‘used’ – and the person turns his excuses upon God. Can’t be a human interpretation problem…oh no no no…we just can’t understand God ways is all…and a whole horde of other excuses will come up. But in the end, it’s basically using God as cover for one’s own inadequacy in biblical interpretation.

***Comment originally aired at Naked Pastor’s “Cartoon: Germs

The ‘No Fly’ Zone

Some inner recess of their brain tells them that the doubt zone is a no-fly zone, avoid at all costs, here there be demons” (Temaskian)

 I think, at least what I find, is dealing with issues of the like or even bigger ones (ie: the trinity or atonement) Christians can exhibit a real fear of ‘asking’ because it might change their precious faith and land them on the side they see as ‘against God’. Nothing worse than to be found ‘fighting against God’ in their opinions.

That Pat dude really hit the nail on the head with regards to this – the church is about serving God but it seems to be leaning viciously to the angle of being ’self serving’…to uphold the church. Is the church really about enlightenment might be the best question to ask – about the spirit of ‘truth’ they claim it is?

I am having some serious doubts this is the case when I blog and talk with orthodox Christians. Anything that goes against the orthodox views (as listed by various creeds some 1600 years ago) are labeled as ‘unreasonable’…and this is how they view being ‘truthful’. Truth to them may very well be obedience and not the search for answers to their tougher questions.

It is in this sense it is all ’self serving’ and not very open to debate or discussion on such issues (ie: anything orthodox). You can’t question the virgin birth (as crazy as an idea as it might seem to some) because it’s an orthodox viewpoint…meaning going away from that means you also move outside the Christian circle of acceptance – and might be on the side that is against God.

You call it trapped…I might tend to agree the more I debate with the orthodox position and see this idea of obedience as more important than ’seeking the truth’. What is to be sought anyways – they have all the answers now.

***Comment first aired at Temaskians blog ‘The Uncertainty of Christianity’

Fathomable and Unfathomable

Why do people discuss the nature of God in theological arguements when we have no clue what to make of it? We can round about theorize what we think God is and is about – but certainty will not come in this area. Obviously we have clues to how God seems to function – He cares about humanity for one. Beyond that we have to theorize.

I don’t get why people theorize that God creates people for destruction to prove His glory…seems callous to me. Yet this theory exists and enters arguments about election and God’s ability to do whatever He so much as wants. This is strange to me – and I’ll explain why.

If God functions like that, then is He really all-loving? He’s kind of sorta loving. To those created for destruction there isn’t much love for them…and as humans we always end up on the side that ‘God loves’ anyways…point is rather moot when you think about it. It is only in our judgment that someone else ends up on the ‘other side’…which says more about us than about God.  

And that’s why I am writing today – I don’t put too much emphasis on what the character of the unfathomable is. My emphasis is on understanding the fathomable – simply put – you and I. Isn’t that what matters in the end of the day…what we think of God and how this effects our actions towards other people? Bruced used to say something cool about this ‘you are what your God is’.

Theology is important in that is effects the way we direct our lives…and that’s my personal concern in this area – how we treat people. I don’t really care about the suppositions about God’s character – I just need to know how this effects you and your behavior which in turn effects other people around you…I can understand that and even relate to that. That’s fathomable and I care about the fathomable.

So when we debate – let’s keep it mono-a-mono. Let’s stick to how this effects our realities. Because I don’t think I need to worry as much about God as I need to worry about us.

Faith Works Into Salvation…

 “Basically, if there is no action, then there really is no faith.” (Joe)

Then the equation should logically be:

Faith + Works/Actions = Salvation

and not

Faith = Salvation

Because in your premise you are stating one without the other leaves either meaningless (for the believer and for the atheist).

Here is what you say about the atheist: “By definition of being an atheist, one cannot have faith and therefore cannot have been created in Christ and therefore, by God’s standard, can do no “good works“”.

Your answer, as well done as it all was (thanks), answers nothing in the end.

For the believer that has faith you require they go on to ‘good works’ to ‘prove’ they are Christian…meaning they need good works dude (it’s not an option).

For the atheist you say since they cannot have ‘faith’ their good works are meaningless. In this scenario everything hinges on their having ‘faith’ regardless of works. Faith is the end all be all according to this scenario.

In essence you play faith down for the believer and up-play works – whereas for the atheist you up-play faith and downplay works.

This system is unjust and weighs on the basis of what one claims to be – and changes the weight of each focus in each scenario. In fact, it is illogical.

I think you have come up with some interesting math but it doesn’t add up.

Faith + good works = saved
Faith – good works = not saved
No Faith + good works = not saved
No Faith – no good works = not saved

4 scenarios – but faith alone is not equal to salvation…how can one make that claim since faith alone proves nothing. If this was so – the equations below have to both be correct:

Faith + good works = salvation
Faith – good works = salvation

I am yet to meet the sane person that lives the second one out. It seems to me once we remove good works from the equation – there isn’t much anchoring faith anymore.

Thus faith has to be termed ‘faithfulness to something’ – linked to a set of ideals to make any lick of sense. Then we can say ‘someone is not a hypocrite’ based on such and such set of ideal. The exact thing I see Jesus doing in Matthew 6.

*Comment was originally aired in Stand to Reason ‘God is Narrow Minded’