The Suffering of (the) Christ…?

I have heard a claim for years and I am not sure how warranted it actually is. Here is the claim:

‘Jesus suffered more than any person that ever lived’

Christians use all kinds of sayings to depict this idea…but is it true?

I am not saying Jesus did not suffer – crucifixion and torture are both horrible ways to go. But did he suffer more than…well…let’s say other political prisoners crucified during his era? What makes his suffering worse if this is the case?

Also, suffered more than anyone that ever lived? I don’t know about everyone else but I have quite a few stories of people that have suffered a lot worse. For example, I read a story about a girl that was enslaved by her father for 28 years in a basement and forced to raise their 5 kids (all incest) without any real sunlight or freedom. By any and all accounts she was a prsioner of her father’s for that whole time – suffering massive mental trauma and a variety of health concerns (bore children without a doctor’s aide – 5 times). Then there are stories from World War II and some of the stuff those victims had to endure for months even years one end…just to end up dying of starvation.

In fact, most Christian will openly admit Jesus died within 6 hours of being on the cross from the torture prior…which amounts to about 7 or 8 hours of suffering in total. In comparison to many months even years of suffering that is like a very minut %.

I think the claim is over-exaggerated for the sake of telling a good story. I think the messiah suffered – from the stories – this is not the way I would choose to go out that’s for sure. The point the bible is making is the messiah suffered – a rather new concept for it’s day – and unheard of for the messiah (made no senseĀ in the messianic ideology). The point is he did not suffer moreĀ than every single person ever – actually there is no scripture supporting this claim.