Soft Core Horror

I have been watching quite a few end-time Christian movies lately (like the last 2 months)…4 in all. 2 were from the Left Behind series, one was called ‘Decieved’, and another one that seemed to be something Jack Van Impe put together? They had some ‘B’ actors even like Kirk Cameron, Gary Busey, Judd Nelson, and Louis Gossett Jr. Why is this of any importance?

(a) They’re funny

(b) They created a new genre

I notice they function out of a new genre – soft core horror. It’s like a horror movie that tames down on the blood, guts, killing, and general fear imposed on the audience. It’s ‘soft core horror’ or ‘horror lite’.

We still have all the great stuff of a horror – some blood, some violence, killing, demons, animosity, scary noises, etc – with really bad movie lines and a questionable screenplay….just like how soft core porn functions compared to real movies (very cheap and a bad imitation).

I am entertained by the cheezy story lines and weak acting in the movie – it is really fitting in all honesty – that someone would take Revelation themes and develop them into crappy sci-fi/horror films that show how science fiction most of this interpretation is. And when you see it on the screen – you also see how cheezy beliving any of that is.


One thought on “Soft Core Horror

  1. the scariest part is that people actually believe in dispensationalism or the rapture or anything of the sort!!!!!!!!!!

    that to me is scarier than Saw or Halloween or anything… namely cause it reflects back to me.. and you.. and Christians in general. bleh.

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