His Religious Blogness

“Congratulations on placing 569th out of nearly 4000 religious blogs on Technorati.” (Don Rogers)

(a) This made me smile – I like that I could place that high out of that number


(b) what is technorati?

Thought I’d blog on this for answers…if there’s 4000 religious blogs out there I might be interested in checking a lot of those out in the next 10 years as I race for #1 (lol).


8 thoughts on “His Religious Blogness

  1. OK, I give ! How the heck do you find a given sites Technorati Rating? Help !
    BTW, “coincidentally”, I posted something on ratings today too — only I did not use Technoratig, I used Alexa.
    Or maybe it wasn’t a coincident — maybe it was Lord Buddha !
    Ahhhh, the world all makes sense again !

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