Identifiable Christianity?

(1) “In the case of Christianity, however, from the late 1st Century onwards the inculturation process was handled by Gentiles only superficially acquainted with the Jewish religion of Jesus. As might be expected, within a relatively short time no Jew was able to find acceptable the new incultured doctrinal legacy of Jesus. In fact, I think he himself would have failed to acknowledge it as his own.” (‘The Changing Face of Jesus’, pg 265, Geza Vermes)

Vermes makes some comparions to these 4 Hasim fellows of the same inter-testamental period as comparison of what is happening (spiritually) within Jesus time frame and within Galilee.

  • Honi
  • Abba Hilkiah (Honi’s son) – could control the rain via prayer (Elisha/Elijah like)
  • Hanan the Hidden (Honi’s son) – could also control the rain via prayer
  • Hanina

Just to show how much we Christians really don’t know about the spiritual movements of that time and where a person like Jesus may perhaps fit in or how the writer’s may have seen this historic person. ¬†

(2) “Luther, a notorious anti-semite, and in some ways prefigured the oratory of the 20th century Nazi’s and the wicked and vulgar caricatures of their weekly magazine, Der Sturmer

*Footnote to that passage on Der Sturmer: “The editor of this Nazi journal, Julius Streicher, pleaded during his trial by the Allies that if he was guilty of anti-semitism, so was Martin Luther, whose anti-Jewish slogans his magazine was repeating” (‘The Changing Face of Jesus’, pg 266, Geza Vermes)

Talking about the repeated loss of the Jewish voice into the persona of Jesus – the reformation, even with it’s good aspects, failed to repeal one aspect that continued from John Chrysostom, Augustine, and St Jerome of Hippo…anti-semitic beliefs formed from the gospels.