Rip Off! Man, What a Rip Off!

“I would challenge everyone on here to take on this simple exercise.

(1) Go and study Mormonism (an off-shoot of Orthodox Christianity – which tried to replace it)

(2) Use your history and scriptures to find the illogic in what Joseph Smith did – from his own writings to his Book of Mormon.

(3) You will see the glaring weaknesses in many respects – from historical analysis problems, to copying from the King James text in the Book of Mormon, to the usurping of the Christian lineage based on what can only be called ‘trumped up theology’.

It’s not hard, everyone go and try it – I have – was a great experience to defend the faith in that regards and ‘seek the truth’ in that endeavor. Very fun.

Now after that – let’s do the same with a study of Christianity and Judaism and see the outcome.

Read all the literature of the rabbinics od the day, study the history of the time, the gospel creations, the letters, and basic Judaism as compared to Christianity (then and even now).

The problem that you will find is really simple…Mormonism wasn’t the only one to redefine the way a religion should be expressed.

Yeah Mormonism tried to steal the monicker of the ‘true church’, added ‘new scriptures’, and tried to basically usurp the Christian identity. (Uhm…that’s not really that new)

I am just asking to be real is all.”

*Comment taken from Stand to Reason’s blog “McClaren’s New Kind of Christianity is Old and False’ (Ironic Title – lol)