Division of Life

Life kind of divides up like this:

24% work related (based on 40 hours a week at work)

33% sleep (based on 8 hours a night)

This leaves 43% of our life that is actually spent in making time with our partner.

To me it’s no wonder relationships are failing at the rate they are (51% divorce rate)…the fact it’s only 51% and not 57% is showing many are taking on the declining battle and winning to some degree.

You see our life is divided and that’s the problem. Almost a 1/4 of our life is spent at work – with others that help us develop a ‘meaning’ to our life. In many ways that 24% is the most meaningful part of our lives – it pays the bills, house payments, vehicles, groceries, etc. Now this 24% of work-life actually supplements and makes possible the comfort of the 43% of time we spend with our loved ones. That 24% of work-life is actually worth quite a bit in this current form of society.

I am not sure if it was always this way…once upon a time we used to run family businesses or farms and would work closely with the one’s we loved and held dear. Now it’s practically amazing when this occurs. Our lives our spent between work and home and we are not too sure which means more…51% of people cannot be altogether wrong.

It is no wonder relationships are losing their value – because how do we weight the values of our divided lives? At work you may feel important – at home you might not. Or maybe this is reversed in certain homes? Or maybe this is at odds amongst the 2 people in the couple who think they share the same value system?

I run into this a lot in my own life, not that I am a work-a-holic or anything, and I am starting to realize this pseudo-life we have at work is helping to destroy the families we have (if only based on our personal values with regards to work and home). It seems to me if we want that divorce number (51%) to decline we need to have more time at home and less time at work – so we can share more appropriately with the families that matter to us.

If we had a 4 day work week (which is totally plausible) then the numbers would look like this:

19% work; 33% sleep; 48% home

I predict if this change were to occur – 5% of marriages (and maybe more) would not dissolve. Based on the fact we would likely get our priorities straight and make use that 8 hours to our benefit (whether we realize it or not). As it stands…we will continue to feel the pressure of performance at work and at home.


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