Amy Jill Levine – on Judaism and Christianity

I would suggest that every one that wants to know where I am going with my own personal studies on Christianity take the time to watch this 58 minute video of Amy Jill Levine speaking on inter-faith dialogue between Judaism and Christianity – absolutely eye-opening.

Ever since I read her book ‘The Misunderstood Jew’ (about Jesus) I have been totally on this wave-length of thought about Christianity and our role in understanding our own faith might lie with understanding Judaism more succinctly.

I would suggest everyone take some time, specially Christians, to watch what she has to say – which is pretty good overview of her book in all honesty.

A quote of mine on this exact video: “I could probably fairly say that a Christian can learn more about Judaism in this 58 minutes then they have in 58 years in a church...”

I love her vision and this is what I am fighting (struggling) for in my personal Christian faith.

*I would also like to thank Yael for pointing me to this video


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