Adam, God, Creation, and Lonliness (Relationships)

because there is no discussion of sex at all in the creation story (not till after the fall), only companionship” (Christine)

True…however prior to the fall God created woman for Adam because Adam (unlike God) got lonely (or maybe exactly like God – thus God created humans for friendship). Either way you look at that scenario it goes like this:

(a) If God can get ‘lonely’ why did He create a being like Eve for Adam? This involves no sexual expression whatsoever just someone to relate to in a very platonic sense. So if God understood Adam’s lonliness maybe it makes sense he created Eve for partnership first and foremost, not for some sexual activity (as our society seems to want to think).

(b) Even if God couldn’t comprehend Adams lonliness (thus create animals first then Eve) – he made Eve for Adam – not just in a sexual sense but mainly in a ‘companion’ sense.

Both ways I observe that original relationship on the planet – it leaves room for gay people to share committed relationships…since part of the goal of humanity is help us combat our ‘lonliness’. God seen this in the garden…and priority for Adam’s life to be ‘good’ was partnership with someone.

I know I know, God created a woman for Adam…but then what exactly is Eve (meaning from Adam)? Isn’t the definition of woman not much different than that of another man? I mean, it’s all Adam (meaning man/humanity) nonetheless. What does it matter if someone finds partnership from a woman or a man – it’s all from ‘humanity’ (or Adam).

My aim is to take scriptures at their most obvious, and I am not bending or breaking a single thing from any passage in Genesis (most of this is based on Rabbinic interpretations).

As for Jesus, he mentions this passage once and I see his affirmation of 3 things (also found in rabbinic works): 2 becomes 1 in these ways – (a) sexual union (closest we can get to the original creation); (b) children (2 seperate dna’s in one person); (c) Companionship – to combat our lonliness.

From what i can tell, gays have all the rights in the world to companionship – which is thoroughly part of creation.

*Comment originally aired on Naked Pastor’s ‘Cartoon:Toast’


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