Faith is ‘So Passe’…

I an better friends with secularists (in general) than I am with Christians…fact. In my real life (outside this blog) no one around me actually cares about religion all that much…including my own family. Faith has become ‘passe’ in the circles I frequent.

Which makes me wonder a few things:

(a) Do people actually understand what faith can offer someone?

(b) Why do I like to hang around people that basically never discuss faith?

I think because I don’t take faith all the serious in some ways and really serious in other ways.

I don’t care what someone’s religious background is – they can feel free to have one, a few, or none. I don’t want people to care what my religious background is – because this is between me and God anyways. This is not something I feel a need to be peculiar about.

However, it does bother me that people cannot see the benefits of faith/religion. I am bothered by the lack of discussion amongst my friends this ever generates (which is usually zero)…and I am also bothered by how easily the church shrugs off a lot of the good teachings of the bible for ‘correctness’. I see how good faith has been…but few around me actually connect to it.

Torn, which is going to become my nickname soon. Regardless, I am ‘born 2 fight’.