The Wilderness

Now in those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea…” (Matthew 3:1)

The church is losing a lot of good leaders…Naked Pastor is resigning as of April 25, 2010 from his Vineyard church. My brother quit the Alliance church about 2 years back (I would consider both as great leaders). This is becoming more common than is let on…the people that see the need for change are heading to the wilderness…still speaking…more relevant than ever…on the outskirts of the institution.

They have officially reached the wilderness. It’s wild out here. It is uncontrolled here. Life is not in simple or safe boxes that you check off as the days go by. The room for doubt is palpable.

Can’t say I blame anyone for leaving the church, it’s one huge headache that place. The freedom of ideas is basically squelched and the denial of many basic realities is commonplace. Everyone is being pushed into molds, of the same person, for the sake of conformity and congruence. The 4 walled box gets too small for some, they need to expand, they need to dream, they need to be free from pressures.

The church does not kick people out, they let us shoot ourselves. They are very humane.

People are out here speaking and making a huge difference in society, forgoing church’s restrictions – the apparent ‘thought police’ – to develop a faith one can actually ‘enjoy’.

The Wilderness…we won’t be pulling no strings out here.

4 thoughts on “The Wilderness

  1. I remember when I had first began to read Naked Pastor’s blogs, about two years ago. I could empathize with the feelings he was experiencing. I had been in a simialr situation, even though not exactly the same. Back then, I thought to myself “this guy is done”. He should just pack it in now and save himself the grief. I may have even said so on his blog.

    I honestly hope he gives himself a good two – three year break (maybe longer) from the church world. So he can discover life in the wilderness is not so bad.

    As for me, at this moment in my life, I don’t feel any pull or call to return to ministry. It has been over two years since I left and I can honestly say it has been a trying experience, but well worth the effort. I did not realize how addicted I had become to that environment. (That’s right, I said addicted)

    I’m a better man for it, leaving I mean. However, I will say the church did help me and I am grateful for it. I will not hold bitterness against the institution, since I still see some value in it. But the church does not change and or grow, whereas people do.

  2. “But the church does not change and or grow, whereas people do” (Just1)

    So true and maybe this is the reason for many good people leaving to further their lives. Church becomes a tad irrelevant when it doesn’t grow.

    I get this picture of someone growing until eventually the building cannot held them anymore – and they just break out of the house.

  3. “Why do you think these people are leaving?” (Sabio)

    My personal opinion would be the inelasticity of the church with regards to the way one can express themselves. It was the core reason I left – and I see this in a lot of other stories as well.

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