Defining Good/Evil?

Comment stated in response to Deacon Blue on his blog ‘G vs. E’

The question of goodness? We need to define evil in this case then we can arrive at some sort of judgement.

What is good? Not breaking the law (by this I mean the laws of the land you live in)? In that sense, most of us are pretty good (on the side of the law that does not need jail time to rehabiltate us).

Just what is the standard we are using for ‘good’ exactly and to what end? If we are using to express we cannot be ‘good enough’ – I guess I’d have to agree (always more we can do better). However, if we are using this just to prove all people are ‘bad’ – I think that might be a tad much.

I see humans dependant on their own choices – to help define themselves. I think we do things that are good and bad – choices have made this possible. I think the bad we do sucks but does it outweigh the good we do…so much so that we are not to be labelled as ‘good’ at all? I beg to differ…so we must be defining good quite differently.

Are we as good as God? No. Will we ever be? No. But does that comparison make us ‘evil’? Maybe in comparison to God, but not in comparison to Ted Bundy or Hitler.

It similar to that idea where Jesus (in Luke) tells us to hate our family in comparison to our devotion to following him (or his teachings). Does this mean we actually hate people? Not really, it just shows, by comparison, that our committment to God is so great not even our family could tear us away from it. In essence, it does not make us hateful, just makes us realize the priorities are to be set by the teachings – which oddly enough safeguard us so we never hate our family one iota.

Point is, Jesus uses this same comparison when someone calls him ‘good teacher’. In comparison to God – no one would say they are good…Jesus does exactly this…gives his gratitude to God. But does this mean Jesus is ‘evil’? No.

In the beginning God created humanity – and it was good. It wasn’t God – add an ‘o’ – and it was good/okay/meaningful/worthwhile/average. Should we be reaching for ‘great’ or just ‘content’?