God is a Concept…

“God is a concept…” (John Lennon)

I want to make theology relateable to atheist leaning individuals…

Psychology, Philosophy, and Political Science are all concepts/ideas. What did Freud exactly have except ideas? The great philsophers had ideas. Most political regimes from the past are based on concepts someone thought would work. These are ideas that conceptualized the intangible (thoughts/ideas) into the tangible.

Theology is in the same stratasphere. Its the movement from concepts/ideas to the tangible. If it were not so, this would be a waste of a blog and faith would be a waste of time.

My argument is God is a concept/idea/thought that plays out in real time, in the real word, in real lives. Now although my concept of God is one that see’s an actual entity – people are free to disagree with me. Just as I disagree with certain ideas from Psychoanalysis, aspects of philosophy, or political strands of thought.

One must remember, what is now an actual area of study started in someone’s mind somewhere. I can see the outcomes of psychology, philosophy, and political science all around me…and no doubt we haven’t seen it all from these strands of concepts/ideas/thoughts…new things will come – revisions of older visions.

Consider God as a concept of human experience.

6 thoughts on “God is a Concept…

  1. I was listening to CBC radio the other day and they had Ex-Archbishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway on Tapestry (a religious program) and he said the most amazing thing about religion.

    “The church is poetry; it’s metaphor; it’s art; it’s imagination; it’s not science; it’s not explanation; let’s enjoy it at it’s best, when it’s being like that”

    And what do we have when we have no more imagination for god, or we do not believe in god. Richard continues to say that it is like leaving home and becoming your own person. You may feel like no one has your back, but there is your friends, family, and personal experiences that will comfort and guide you. No one is ever alone.

  2. Great concepts that afford us safety when we’re alone or feeling alone. The truth is the essence of what we sense not necessarily what we can touch. I dont need any theology to get this prayer.

    The light of God surrounds us,
    The love of God enfolds us,
    The power of God protects us,
    The presence of God watches over us,
    Wherever we are God is.

  3. Don, thanks for the link!

    T4T – I like the prayer…very inclusive.

    “Richard continues to say that it is like leaving home and becoming your own person” (Wolf)

    I like this idea, I actually propound it also – in the sense of growth and independence (as a mature and responsible person). A lot of people do not see the need for God in their daily living, I can personally respect that and even admire that perspective to life.

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