Catholicism Will Suffer…

Just read an article in my local newspaper – The Leader Post – entitled ”Sin within the Church’ threat to Catholicism: Pope’.

My first thought ‘no sh*t Sherlock’.

My second, and more meaningful thought, is no one can trust a church that refuses to keep itself accountable – and even with this attempt – can they be trusted to ‘clean house of these sexual offenders’?

The Pope is quoted as apologizing and seeking to clean up the Catholic church – but in a church with a known ‘cover-up’ scandal I am not sure I like the odds they will deliver every pedophile to justice. The Pope says he wants to seek justice – I hope he ain’t lying…can’t be sure these days.

Oddly enough, I was actually calling concern to these issues some 3 years back when Catholics apologized to First Nations people for sexually abusing them in Residential Schools in the early 1920s to 1960s (and maybe longer). There was a very cheap pay-out to Aboriginal’s abused in these institutions (something like 10,000 per person) – which was way cheaper than what other settlements got in America (for example)…sucks to be a minority (then and now).

What I thought the Aboriginal case could do was ‘screw the money’ and seek pure justice in the way of getting each every name of the nuns and priests that did these actions hauled before a court – no matter if they were old or not; no matter if they were dead or not. I thought this was the only way to curb this Catholic institution from committing these crimes again…needless to say nothing of the like was done…and we have to live with an institution that does not care about accountability.

My last thought ‘no sh*t Sherlock’.


6 thoughts on “Catholicism Will Suffer…

  1. True enough on all accounts. I think that it is time in our human mental-evolution to do away with these immense and all-powerful, totalitarian, institutions that are in no way representative of the morality of the masses. Do Vatican officials speak for anything other than the legitimacy of their own power in their own eyes? I mean, for Christ sake, does Europe still believe in Monarchy as a representative institution of political will? NO they do not, so then why are the Pope and his cronies any more sacred than political leaders. Let the Pope eat some cake and let him (and his bishops, cardinals, and priests, etc) be treated like any other political institution bureaucrats; Vatican City is a recognized political-state, by the way, and a non-democratic one at that (other than their inside votes) so it would not be unconscionable to expect more from political state representatives.

    Enough with all this religious protection bullshit, a spade is a spade and if any world political leader were to act as the Pope often does and support the nonsense that he does they would certainly be under threat of a coup d’etat. Catholics of the world unite and make a lasting change for once in the 2,000 year history of blood, terror, fascism, lies, and worldwide cover-ups.

    This is just my two cents on this archaic institution.

  2. filed under the “No Duh” category with good reason.

    good post, i agree! peace with justice! that’s the goal of the church and one of the parts of the Kin-dom of God. wouldn’t know it by the ambassadors.

  3. My first thought “yeah, whatever Catholic church”

    The Pope can say all he wants about sins and cleaning up the church, but he will never have to worry. The Catholic church won’t suffer in the least bit.

    Because no one ever truly holds this institution accountable for its sins.

    The congregation members, the ones with the power to change things, continue to show up for mass, sunday, after sunday, after sunday. Even people who had been abused by a priest.

    It always amazed and confounded me, why the people remained dedicated to this institution, no matter what it did.

    So yeah, whatever, catholic church. They’ll keep abusing the people, they’ll just find a new way to do it.

  4. I am pretty wary of an institution that ‘big’ that can pretty much evade law at will. I think this scandal will turn many people off, the problem is, where do they go? I think that is why many people stay Catholic; they have no place else to go because they refuse to study the scriptures on their own.

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