Life & Musical Creativity

I haven’t had much time to write lately, was busy with a few big projects:

(a) Painting the windows of my house (makes the house look newer that’s for sure)

(b) Playing slow-pitch on Sundays (for 3-4 hours) – we’re 6 – 2 and looking like an all star team (called ‘DarkSide’)

(c) Applied for Graduate School to do a Master’s in Administration (Leadership) – now to wait and hear back

(d) Joined a band and have been practicing some 83 songs (1 original) on bass/guitar about 3 hours a night (for 2 weeks) 

The one I am pretty excited about is the music thing, I find it pure fun. The band is planning on doing about 20 cover songs and 10 originals (which the singer and guitarist have written)…I really should work on some of my stuff one of these days? Anyways, I am looking forward to getting together to practice and just have fun putting it all together. From my best guess we sound country rock and blues…but we might change that direction as well.

Of the 82 songs I am riffing on they include songs by Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Mike Ness/Social Distortion, Stone Temple Pilots, Hole, The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dwight Yoakam, U2, REM, and others. Now if we would just do some of the covers from these bands I would be more than satisfied.

I am really blessed these days, everything I want to do seems to be coming together at the same time (very strange). Really enjoying life these days I can tell ya’ that!


8 thoughts on “Life & Musical Creativity

  1. I can relate. My band is getting ready for our second gig, and in the process of booking more. The key, at least for me, is to keep it fun. The minute you start trying to make it big, or break into certain scenes it becomes old. happy for ya, bro!

  2. Life is good…fun anyways.

    I am even buying a bowflex treadmaster thingy to stay in the best shape I can over the next few years (as well).

    Thanks for the well wishes peeps, of course I am going to find time to blog.

  3. just wanted to say good luck and have fun. The list of artists floored me – almost a copy of what my friends and I play (well ok, minus Hole and Social Distortion, add Nirvana, Audioslave and some Kravitz).

    My band started as friends getting together for music, fun and weekend BBQs. As soon as the “Let’s play for money!” idea came up things got complicated, and weird. We weren’t all on the same level, but open minds and communication helped keep the friendships.

    Keep on rockin in the free will 🙂

  4. Yeah music is kind of a funky thing with the whole band dynamics – people have differing views (almost always happens). But I am the one with a vision (in this band), I just don’t care if we follow it or not (lol).

    We practice this week again…I am transposing songs right now because I am the only one working his butt off in this band.

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