What Is A Man?

The more I think about this issue I think – the role for the man in society is clearly diminishing.

We were once hunters, warriors, and competitiors. Now we live in a society that really is non-violent, has grocery stores, and competition is for leaisure. What exactly is left for the man – except reproduction and dishes?

No one can usurp the role of the woman in society, she is a natural nurterer…there’s no nanny waiting as soon as a kid is born to raise that child (or worse yet – the need for women birthing becoming severely lessened via some way to build children from dna).

If u think about, as men, what is it that defines you?

***Comment lifted from John T’s “Really, It’s a Man’s World…Yeah Right!

The Whole LGBT Thang.

So I have been bantering around Naked Pastor’s site and there was this one blog, that went 400 comments long, about the church and homosexuality…and the majority of people support some movement of inclusion (on that site); some didn’t. I tend to have a feeling the side that doesn’t is likely the majority side within mainstream churches.

It had me wondering though, is the exclusion of the LGBT community from churches a sign of bigotry (to some degree)?

I made the claim to a few people on the site that it is. I know they firmly believe the God they serve is against the gay lifestyle and cannot allow it into his kingdom. They do a dance, linguistically, to hold this position and not be as adamant/fierce on the issue as they think God is (who would condemn such people to hell for being born this way). They know that deep down God hates this lifestyle, which we know is a sexual orientation one is born with…so is to advance a position against gay people that comes with little evidence bigotry?

That all being said, the reason there was 400 comments on the site was because the explanation of the 6 biblical passages that contain any reference to homosexuality was covered in scrutinizing detail (even into the greek in the NT). At the end of it all I was quite happy with what I seen as the most obvious outcome, the biblical passages are not talking about homosexuality at all or as we know it in our era. I think after reviewing that much information, which was literally a mini-book, one could only arrive at this conclusion.

What I see from church people that oppose this issue are arguments that do not make sense and do not take into consideration that someone is biologically engineered this way (ie: created/born this way). Cause if this is the case, which it certainly seems it is, then God is also a bigot (alongside the claims being made by churches to exclude the gay lifestyle based on His words); God hates the way someone is ‘created’. Makes one wonder, how much more people does God hate without cause?

It’s an unteneble position, not allowing gay people into the full church community, both biblically and biologically. It is my position that if one hears the truth on this issue, denies it (remains ignorant), then continues to banter about how God ‘hates’ homosexuality – they are being bigots. It’s like if someone hears all the realities about a certain race of people, denies any of it as true (pretends they didn’t hear), then continues to hate that group (even after knowing many facts surrounding the issue)…that is racism/bigotry (a situation I had happen to me personally).

I am more familiar with this issue than most would know, I understand the racism/bigotry angle quite succinctly. What is happening in churches towards gay people is no different.