The Dissolving of Marriage? Society? Family?

What I am saying is the role of men, and women, are convoluted and tricky at best. I am noticing these changes are making it easier and easier for men, and women, to pull away from their marriages and responsibilities to their families (51% divorce rate)…which has risen since the 70′s. Something is telling me all the changes in society have not exactly benefited us – and this loss of roles (or role reversal) plays a part.

For example, once upon a time the whole family was important and for anyone to leave could mean failure for the farm or for the community (First Nations villages). The amount of dysfunction and easy out’s we’re given in this society would decimate most of our ancestors…the same people that made it possible for you to even be born. I am not sure were paying a good homage back in some ways with the destruction of the family?

I think of a typical farming community that would work hard, includes the whole family, and what they made they also put on the table…which was rewarding and meaningful. This included food, clothing, and trade for other items….and everyone played their part/role in that household and smaller community. Sure times were tougher, but they made a living where everyone in the household was partitioned a meaningful piece of their overall existence (including grandparents).

I don’t think this is the case anymore. Food, we go to ‘Superstores’ or even ‘fast food’ places. Clothing, we have many malls and places that specialize in every type of clothing we could ever want. Trade, the money you earn – there is no real trade anymore…which helped tear a hole in society/community. Work, we work for big faceless companies and we are not sure of our importance as a cog in the machine. Grandparents serve much smaller roles in this information age. Marriages have less weight, since anyone can make it almost anywhere without much help.

Times have changed, I am just not too sure if it’s all ‘for the good’. I see a loss of role for the man in basic marriage structure. In fact, I am starting to contemplate why people are getting married in the first place when statistically 51% (1/2) will not succeed anyways (in this society). It seems, men don’t need women and women don’t need men.

*Taken from SVS’s blog “What is a Man?


One thought on “The Dissolving of Marriage? Society? Family?

  1. we are suffering from a condition called “Affluenza.” It’s where people from affluent countries treat other people as means to an end, and never as ends-unto-themselves. Karl Barth wrote quite extensively on this in the mid-1950s and the rise of the suburbs. there is another book out called “Death by Suburb.” but that’s beside the point.

    i think that gender roles have nothing to do with it, it has everything to do with how people choose to define themselves within a social group. since communities are eroding, the myth of a “nuclear” family is still rather strong, and people don’t seem to be able to commit to anything, i’d say we’re in for more of the same. new models must emerge. they must emerge from localized and strong communities. i feel that only the Church has this type of grassroots capability that can start new co-opts, new ways of thinking, and new means of supporting families, both for men and women who are in them… whether they are married to opposite sex people or same sex.

    it has to start some time, it has to start some where. what better time than now? what better place than here? (RATM)

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