Born To Be Guilty

Most of us are born into countries with legal systems…correct?

I would think all of us are born innocent before the law…correct?

I am finding it kind of funny the Christian belief in original sin and penal substitution theory (of atonement) as compared with progressive countries in the world.

Certain Christian beliefs would have a person believe they were born ‘guilty’ before the law (ie: original sin). This is prior to them doing any single crime that would condemn them before the law, just being born is enough.

What kind of court system is God running up there exactly? You are born guilty (based on someone else’s sin) and then presumed innocent via someone else’s actions (ie: Jesus). Huh?

So nothing we did made us guilty and nothing we did made us innocent. I have to go with Ockham’s razor on this (easiest solution is likely the right one) and say, why have either doctrine when nothing you do changes one iota of any of it? Really you are not a part of God’s plan of how things work out, your a pawn on a chess board being saved by┬ábigger key figures than yourself.

That’s a strange court and a strange way of ruling one out of the importance of their own choices in life.