Capitalism is Evil II

I had more time to think on this issue and why some people are calling Capitalism ‘evil’ (including me now). Because at it’s core is nothing but greed.

Think about this, we live with an economic system that really has no plan. In fact in the latest crisis (ie: recession) people were struggling to figure out why banks bet against their own consumers in a derivative schematic. In fact, ‘what were derivatives’ was the question on most lips. The system imploded from the weight of corruption, the people who paid were not neccesarily the same one’s that ‘bent the rules’. I mean…is that a plan?

Or how about the fact the way capitalism functions is meant to help the wealth of the whole nation end up in the hands of 1% of that nation. The system seems to be created to derive you and I of our meaning and wealth in this society so we can live a a pace they determine is adequate. Meanwhile, those with money are those that can decide how they live and on how much of your hard earned cash/value. Was this planned?

Or that the system takes more from you than it can ever possibly give – making you a commodity. In fact humanity is traded daily in the economic system and we have classes of people with this much worth (rich), some with this worth (middle class), and many with this worth (poor). Depending on where you are in the class system also depends on how much you support the system and work for ‘it’. In fact, you don’t work for yourself anymore and you haven’t for years – 100’s of years. Was the taking of human freedom/choice planned?

This system is robbing you and making you think it loves you; it’s like a two-timing Don Juan. It’s slowly eating all the resources of the land while we play in the mire of the scraps they drop down. We are pawns in a bigger end game, we are being used for being useful, but in fact we own nothing.

Do you own your own water supply? Do you own your own energy supply? Do you make you own food? Do you make your own clothes? Do you have a job that explictly works for the benefit of you and your family? What do you really do? Did you build your house and own it outright – or did you pay for lumber?

And that which we begin to own gets bought by the ‘unplanned’ machine called the economy to become part of it…thus us losing another invention for the benefit of humanity. In the end you become so self-reliant on what that machine offers you don’t know what you yourself offer anymore…it’s a type of mental slavery really. But we may be the lucky one’s, since this machine also promotes real slavery and utter poverty and destruction in countries without democracies. We choose to hand our freedoms over.

5 thoughts on “Capitalism is Evil II

  1. Lol, no I just want to call it the way I see it concerning society – which to me functions so damn squarely and is at definite odds with my moral compass

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