The Corner of Nowhere

Watched a great documentary called 12th and Delaware last night; about an abortion provider and an anti-abortion place that co-exist across the streets from one another. By co-exist, I do mean there is some serious opposition from the anti-abortion place (of course).

The Christians continually picketed (harrassed) the abortion clinic. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if they knew why they were doing what they were doing, but theologically these were some of the weakest people. They basically call it ‘murder’…but in fact there is nothing in the bible that would back their case on this issue (ie: abortion). Yet I can find many places in the bible about ‘respecting/loving your neighbor’ and they didn’t seem to do much of that. In fact, I think they hated their neighbor. Oh the conundrums of being anti-abortion.

One scene a man ‘stalks’ the people that pick up the doctors so he can find out who the doctors are…then picket their houses and harrass them at home. Crazy much? I could not believe this invasion of privacy and mass dis-respect for another person’s civil liberties. I wondered as this man held the picture of Mary and pretty much hoped someone would hurt this doctor ‘What Would Jesus Do?’.

The anti-abortion care place functioned in misinformation to serve their ends. They actually lied to the people that visited them about their due date or other information associated with having an abortion. Pretty sad for a bunch of people that say they follow the ‘truth’…by any means neccesary I guess.

Again, another show where Christians and their anti-abortion stance leave a bad taste in my mouth (reminds me of ‘I will spew thee out of my mouth’). That coupled with the fact some 150,000 incidents of violence have been committed against abortion clinics and what more can one really say to defend pro-life stances (which have quite the terrorist extreme).

At one point they do convince a girl to not get an abortion with promises of helping her with money, clothes, and food for her and her 6 children (plus the one about to be born). I like the idea, I just don’t think it happened. More lies perhaps, behind good intentions? Like I said, I wish their was a ministry like this, then the church would actually be putting their money where their mouths are at.

I think we could use more common sense concerning this issue, a middle ground where facts can be presented and conversation can ensue around what is the best information available so everyone can make a informed decision, from picketers, to abortion providers, to fellow Christians, to the women coming to the clinics. I care about the face of humanity; this was inhumane at times.


6 thoughts on “The Corner of Nowhere

  1. Great post. It would seem to me also that Jesus would say “I do not know you”. To take up arms against evil is not what Jesus did. Yes he spoke in anger and turned over a table, but Jesus never as much as struck out at another person.

    Wow! 150,000 incidents of violence?? Anyone in their right mind would run from that kind of association, no matter what they believe!

  2. I just find it terribly ironic, that the same thing some pro-lifers are fighting for (ie: life) they are also promoting against (ie: shooting a doctor). I find it terribly irrational to be part of a movement that is in essence shooting itself in the foot.

  3. Not that this justifies, but one justification I have heard goes something like this:

    The doctors have ‘taken’ some ridiculous number like 5 million souls.

    150,000 acts of violence is insignificant compared to the 5 million souls, and completely necessary to show what these soldiers of God are willing to do in order to bring about the kingdom.

    [disclaimer: stats are loose and internet-comment-based only]

    Rationality is not the motivator here. But as you suggest, rational communication could be one answer, if we can ever reach such a point anymore.

    It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong. – G.K. Chesterton

  4. I have actually heard that before Andrew, the 5 million souls thing. It’s reasoning from absurdity (via comparision). The women actually ‘choose’ to do what they are doing, they are not forced. However, every action against a doctor or a clinic is un-welcome and terrorist-like (it’s never seen as a choice a doctor would make – to be shot in church for example).

    But when God is on your side, anything goes I guess.

    Love the Chesterton quote, sooooo true!

    • “I have actually heard that before”
      – considering how blog-circles work, I’d almost bet we both heard it from the same source.

      That O.B.A.M. movie — I don’t know, man. Satire that thick can be tough to slog through. Reminds me a bit of Edward Current’s work. I only learned of Current because a comment-abusing ‘unablogger’ was using some of Current’s comedy bits as literal support for his fundamentalist belief system.

      Sigh. Irony runs so deep these days.

  5. I saw a movie today called “O.B.A.M. Nude”. The name is deceptive, no nudity dammit, hehe. Anyway, it is a great satire on American politics. There is a segment in there that examines the thought patterns of both sides of the abortion issue. Well it delves into socialism, the military, the health system and other major issues also. I quite liked how the movie was done. Check the trailer at

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