#500…Posts that Is.

I finally reached a long time goal – 500 posts in my 5th year of blogging (about a 100 a year). I guess I wanted this because 500 is such a nice round number that seems significant enough. Plus I needed to reach for something with my writing.

I would like to thank all the people that blogging worthwhile and interesting, all you free-thinkers that are challenging the mold of what the plain of existence has to look like. It’s thinkers like these that will change tomorrow. I am really quite blessed to be around such a handful of people with such great ideas. Who are these people? Well, these are the people that live in your neighborhood and you didn’t know it.

Yael – Jewish lady studying rabbinic thought and process; a gem of gems.

Andrew – Utah boy, searching for truth and insight in a deeply religious environment (and a teacher)

Beggars & Bread – Conservative site; keeps me thinking – but I am seeing some change going on there

Mr Blue and Miz Pink – a Christian social conscience in the heart of America

Jolly Beggar – Local Pastor, artist, musician, and general theological enthusiast

Johnny Bird, Just 1, and Wolf Bird – My brothers, proud of them all and their embracing of blogging and their own passions

Ken Smith – Local boy who seeks change to a church environment that just ain’t right

Kevin Beck – Probably the most well rounded interpreter of the bible I have ever read – and that’s quite the kudo’s

Jim Jordan – Floridian – writer, theologican, entrepreneur – passionate about his beliefs (we’ve had some convo’s)

Naked Pastor – artist, former pastor, Canadian, etc…the funnest site to comment on ever

Don – Probably one of the better sites about change from Evangelicalism to Liberal…much appeciated

Sabio Lantz – Great writer (as far as organization of thoughts) – my favorite atheist – and really 21st Century thinking!

Stupid Church People – where would be without someone pointing this out…always great when they blog or podcast

Stand to Reason – Want to debate with some very Conservative Christians…go and test your metal

Steve Martin – a Lutheran that leans on the grace of God, we don’t see eye to eye but the convo’s are fun!

Steve Scott – Enjoy his insights into theology and daily life – this is real deal local person theology from the pew

Temaskian – an athiest that has recently de-converted – very interesting thoughts and ideas – I am so into observation

Xander – Christian theology and interpretation, wonderful guy, great convo’s

Chris Ledgerwood – My homeboy – musician and blogger – great person and has a great heart for humanity

Doug/Karmen – Kind of dropped off the radar – but I always liked the fact they challenge the status quo theologically

John T – One of the more outspoken people I have read, but that’s more like reality to me than most blogs I read – I like a lil attitude

John Turtle – Enjoy his theology and his journey through faith – very honest dude

OSS – If there was a prize for thought provoking – you’d win; One of my favorite bloggers.

But that’s what happens when you reach 500, you just have to take a look back and see what has helped you along the way!


10 thoughts on “#500…Posts that Is.

  1. great people one and all. while Johnny and i don’t always see eye to eye, i admire his passion for the poor, oppressed and marginalized. on that we agree!

    love the new look. love the descriptions. where do you go from here?

  2. Thanks Jason. Top billing no less! And a gem of gems? I hear that all the time! It’s either that or a blankity blank blankity blank, I foget which. 😀

    Mazel Tov on 500 posts and 5 years!

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