Would Jesus Hate Islam?

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Would Jesus Hate Islam?

Think about it for a second, in the gospels he does rail against the Pharisee’s pretty hard. Some of his speech in John’s gospel is pretty inflammatory towards his own kin (Jewish people)…calling them ‘sons of the devil’ at one point. He seemed to have some anger on issues concerning religion and relations to God and neighbor according to pieces of the gospel accounts. And since Jesus is ‘the only way’ to heaven in John 14:6, what would stop this messianic figure from disliking a religion he did not start?

15 thoughts on “Would Jesus Hate Islam?

  1. Jesus would definitely not like a religion he didn’t start, as he would say it’s a false religion. I can’t say if he would approve of the Qur’an burning but I do know he would try to show Muslims how the Qur’an can’t back up it’s claim to be the Word of God. He would probably add some detail about the Muslims he addresses that only God would know and tell them he has loved them all their lives. I wouldn’t be able to pull off the hate Islam, love the Muslim but Jesus could.

  2. SVS – Not going to call into question some of the inconsistencies in your post, since I think you are trying to make a point.

    I personally do not think Jesus would hate Islam. However, I do believe he, if he were given the opportunity, would take the leaders to task regarding the practice of their faith.

    Seems to me, he would weigh pretty heavily on doing the right thing, loving one’s neighbour, forgiveness, putting away hate, and to stop committing violent acts of vengeance.

    I am sure he would take a wise approach to Islam and would affirm the good in it and correct the wrong, on a case by case basis.

    With that being said, the jesus of evangelical christianity might not see things the way I do….

  3. Just1 wrote—I am sure he would take a wise approach to Islam and would affirm the good in it and correct the wrong, on a case by case basis.

    This is a good point. I can see Jesus asking, “Why do you this which is good in Surah 2 and then say the opposite, which is evil, in Surah 9?” etc. Or, how about, “Why do you say that I am the only perfect person in Surah 19 and then say I’m just a prophet in Surah 5?” Jesus would ask the right questions that would make them think. That’s what we should do; beats burning Qur’ans.

  4. I don’t see Jesus as a hateful person (per se) in the gospel accounts on him, a little stern at times maybe, but not neccesarily hateful. I cannot see the Jesus as recorded in the gospels hating Muslims.

    Which is why I am completely dumb-founded when many of his followers do. It just has to be something from Nationalistic pride more than from the biblical accounts of Jesus. Ie: If America is at war with Islam, or is perceived to be, then so should it’s citizens. Which to me points to the actual influence leading someone’s life, not Jesus, but love of country.

    And I am not saying to not be patriotic, have at er’. but I realize this influence on a person’s life can pull them into contradictory life-paths since the teachings of Jesus are not the teachings of North America or Europe, and they are really not even that closely related to Capitalism (in all honesty).

    My opinion is Jesus would not hate Muslims, he might get into debates with them, but even that seems doubtful. I cannot find a place biblically where Jesus gets into debates with people outside of Judaism – his own faith.

    • Any hatred toward Islam comes from a generalization of those who follow the religion. It was a holy edict from Islam that led to the attacks on America and its way of life, so the religion will be blamed by people who can not see past the whole that is represented. The same can be said towards Christianity. For the longest time the U.S. has been sold as the face of Christianity, that people don’t know that it is a lie. It is the generalization that alters our perception and fuels these conflicts.

      There are stories of Jesus sharing His message with people outside of Judaism, but Judaism is the primary focus since He was supposed to start with the chosen ones first.

  5. Great comment societyvs! My thoughts exactly. So many Christians are not following the teachings of Jesus.

    You have to be very careful though to not put everyone who claims to be a conservative into the same bucket. Just because there are many people on the internet and on fox who seem to hate doesn’t mean that the majority do.

    When I go onto many blogs on religion (specifically USA Today’s Faith and Reason), there are so many who are rude to Christians. They call us stupid and make fun of us. Should I lump all people who are non-Christians into a category of intolerant, hypocritical, and judgmental? No. It’s hard, but I have to resist.

    The media needs stories and are going to write and report on the extreme stories. Therefore, ignorant people think that all Atheist are satanist, or that all priest rape children.

  6. “You have to be very careful though to not put everyone who claims to be a conservative into the same bucket” (MBP)

    Actually I am pretty careful about this, but the problem with words is they can come off quite generalistic. I am aware of the variety of Christians we have out there, however, to ignore that we are also part and parcel with the more conservative portions of this faith is also to ignore reality – we are all ‘Christians’ whether liberal, conservative, or whatever.

    This is why what I do write matters to all Christians no matter the side we fall upon because in the end we are all using the same book for interpretations…questions will always be what are we taking away from the book and what are we adding into the book? This changes for each person since we all have unique experiences.

  7. It is my opinion that Jesus did not intend to, nor did he start a new religion, Christianity. And, he doesn’t deserve to be made responsible for what it was, is, and will become. Therefore the second part of your statement doesn’t preclude that he’s probably pretty upset with Christianity. I cannot speak for how he feels about Islam…….but, he’s most likely not anymore upset with it than with Christianity.

  8. I agree Beliver, but this is not what people see in the media and judge the religion pretty harshly – some of it is quite credible but overall the religion is pretty peaceful.

  9. Koran talks about Jesus. Jesus Prophet Messenger of God as a peaceful prophet with a message for humanity. And I as a Muslim, I guarantee you that Jesus would never hate anyone. Just put right and wrong and the law of God on earth. That’s what he did throughout his life. Islam says Jesus is not Gods son. Jesus is a prophet a man who eat and drink like us. He is a prophet like them other prophets who came before him and after. The Quran says that prophets Mohamad and Jesus are the same. We love Jesus as much as we love Mohamad.
    We don’t love who hate the prophets.

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