Tanglible Salvation Theology

I would like, if you care to Societyvs , to explain your thoughts on what salvation is” (Bob)

Salvation, as I view it, has to be something tangible (a tangible experience). Previous biblical examples back me up here, from the Exodus to the Exile, salvation was always viewed as something that was a tangible experience.

So I see salvation, as taught in the NT, as salvation from one style of living to freedom in another version of it. The movement from some political or ideological paradigm to kingdom of God ethics is the movement I am talking about. It’s a movement of allegiances and paradigms – a ‘renewing of the mind’ to quote Paul.

As for the eternal view, well I do believe in an afterlife. However, since we have been given choice then I think we would be judged fairly by how we used that choice (not neccesarily if we hold this or that belief, but what we did with our beliefs). In the end, an eternal salvation depends on how one lives their life.

As for hell, there is no need for it – it was never used in previous Jewish theology. However ‘sheol’ was – which is basically the ‘grave’. Thus the need for a ‘resurrection’.

I would view the afterlife with this viewpoint – we live our life, then we pass on. Now if we lived lives worth redeeming in God’s eyes, we are resurrected to more life from death.

In this way, it all adds up – what you do now does effect what happens later, but the central piece of that theology is what you do now and our need for some help along the way.

*Comment first aired on Naked Pastor’s ‘No Smoking’ Blogpost