Worrying is Not The Way To Happiness

Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear for clothing?’ “For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.”But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matt 6:31-33)

I always loved this teaching – it’s part of my paradigm for living.

The juxtaposition happening here is the idea of (1) seeking the kingdom of God and how this will (2) enable you to take care of your basic needs – like food/drink and clothing – which would also entail ‘shelter’. What is the connection though?

The point is God knows what you need, obviously He is not oblivious to our plight on this planet and some of the basic human needs we have or don’t have met. What you really don’t need to solve those basic needs is to worry about them, this solves nothing. You need a plan of action – a solution for the problems in front of you…and this takes some serious soul searching (ie: getting to know yourself and your abilities). Seeking the kingdom of God means you will address many of these facets of your own character and what under-pins it. The most basic needs can be solved by the most basic solution, an account of your life and what you have done to this point.

Food, water, and clothing are all important pieces to life, but they are pale in comparison to a person’s paradigm (foundation) for living. Without the foundation the house will continue to collapse when the storms hit. The key piece to a sustainable life is having a sustainable set of values to get you there. Hard work would be a great example. Discipline is another one. Integrity is worth cherishing. Get some of your core ideas worked out and the rest can easily fall into place.

I have found it does work. When I started into this faith I knew nothing about making it in on this planet. I was under-educated, unhealthy, poor, dysfunctional, and hurt. I wasn’t sure what life would become for me by the age of 17. What happened for me was a serious debate with myself about where I was going and what I was doing. I had no answers and no direction for solving any of these problems I faced. I found the bible (namely the gospels) did offer me a paradigm that I could build from for guidance. So that’s what I did.

18 years later of trying these ideas – I am married, own a home, own a new vehicle, have 2 degree’s (working on a Master’s now), and have great full time work. I got there from finding a direction, I found that direction in what Jesus taught. Happiness takes time, but it was time I could afford to give to growing as a person.

7 thoughts on “Worrying is Not The Way To Happiness

  1. just wrote this for my sermon, and think it ties in nicely here as well,

    “We want so much to deny change and entropy that we twist Jesus’ words so we’re comfortable, changeless, and safe. Jesus doesn’t give us this, he tells us “THINGS WILL CHANGE! Live by me, and not by fear!”

    It’s strange that the church has often been roadblocks to change instead of being disciple’s of Jesus’ message. Religion can be the best thing, giving new life, or the worst thing, stifling life. Jesus always gives new life, and shockingly so! It’s so new, it’s unrecognizable from what you were doing before.”

  2. Tell an African mother not to worry when she has been praying for her baby to get some food and the baby dies in her arms. Tell the person whose brother shot his mother not to worry. Tell anyone who is going through an extremely difficult time not to worry and trust god.

  3. It does not help me to hear there is an all knowing all loving god. It does not stop me from worrying about my children, my friends, and those in my community who are suffering. If there was a god who loved us he would not allow innocent children to starve or to be mistreated. I find your belief in god to be unacceptable to me when I see the suffering in the world. Do not say this is because of man’s sin as your god created good and evil. It is easier not to believe in a god when you look around at the suffering of mankind it is easier to believe that this is fate.

  4. “If there was a god who loved us he would not allow innocent children to starve or to be mistreated” (Cerbaz)

    Oh to live in a world of idealisms. So God, if there is one, is to blame for the misery in the world? What if there is no God, then where does the blame get placed? You act as if God is some type of barrier in the way or your freedoms and rights…yet without one the same barriers will exist…correct? So in the ‘blame game’ you’re playing – who is to blame for the misery and the woe when there is no God?

    “It does not stop me from worrying about my children, my friends, and those in my community who are suffering” (Cerbaz)

    Don’t give me that trip like I don’t understand or am not from a community that isn’t in the same scenario – and my community can almost completely blame the church (Catholic) for most of it’s woes historically – ie: First Nations people in North America.

    Fact is, I came from poverty and all those things that come along with it (ie: abuses of many forms and addictions). Yet, I find the opposite to be true than your assertion – I found faith in God provided a spark of hope in the darkeness and lack of hope around me. Now you may not agree and call it ‘wishful thinking’ – but my faith helped me to work through many of the problems I have grown up with and even until this day (ie: a form of counselling and introspection so to speak).

    So before you get on this soapbox about how bad ‘faith in God’ is – remember – the same reasoning your using about poverty and suffering – I also use – except to see a promotion of faith as an answer to some of that decay.

    Also, my faith is not quite what you might think it is – your explanation of it seems…elementary.

  5. “Tell an African mother not to worry when she has been praying for her baby to get some food…”

    what i read SVS as saying is that he’s none of those people you listed who should absolutely worry; thus his problems pale in comparison.

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