Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Society Vs critique)

(A) Loved the movie

(B) Why?

(1) It was done very artistically…like a video game…and that really spoke to my sensibilities (and my generation). I have seen some comic book type movies that I love – but a video game one – now that’s a new twist on the art form of film.

(2) It was about something quite relevant in this society – dating and dealing with theĀ ‘others’ past. I can quite relate to this. After 2009 anyways.

It’s a movie about learning to accept someone in the same depth as when you first met them – and not putting more on them after you know some of their more colorful past. It’s about being able to put one’s own thoughts and perceptions on trial before they decide they want to hurt ‘the other’. It’s about overcoming and being truimphant concerning one’s own short-comings and movements to judge.

*Sorry I don’t post much – it’s me vs. the world right now – with Master’s, music, and marriage – I have lost time.