Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Society Vs critique)

(A) Loved the movie

(B) Why?

(1) It was done very artistically…like a video game…and that really spoke to my sensibilities (and my generation). I have seen some comic book type movies that I love – but a video game one – now that’s a new twist on the art form of film.

(2) It was about something quite relevant in this society – dating and dealing with the ‘others’ past. I can quite relate to this. After 2009 anyways.

It’s a movie about learning to accept someone in the same depth as when you first met them – and not putting more on them after you know some of their more colorful past. It’s about being able to put one’s own thoughts and perceptions on trial before they decide they want to hurt ‘the other’. It’s about overcoming and being truimphant concerning one’s own short-comings and movements to judge.

*Sorry I don’t post much – it’s me vs. the world right now – with Master’s, music, and marriage – I have lost time.

3 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Society Vs critique)

  1. i liked the visual style and pacing of the movie, i did not like the characters. they felt really under-developed and they covered this up by making the movie go really fast and have a really good soundtrack. Ramona has no personality and i can’t tell what the attraction is to her. i guess love and logic aren’t mutual things, but her personality is really bland and undeveloped. Knives is very enthusiastic and loyal, so i get that connection, but Ramona goes through the movie almost catatonic. that’s my two cents on this film. it was a fun ride all the way through other than that sticking point.

  2. “I liked the visual style and pacing of the movie” (Z1G)

    Me too, it was just done so differently and at a speed for all us ADHD freaks in the world due to a shortening attention span.

    Ramona is quite under-developed – or is she? Maybe the reason she is kept quite under-developed is because of 2 aspects to the show she is in:

    (a) She is the dude’s original love – just as she was

    (b) The 7 ex’s are all about her past and the dude dealing with that (meaning he’s getting to know her more intricately).

    But without the juxtaposition of the two (her innocence in his eyes and her actual past) the story would lose what it seems to want to capture – the dude loved her first – then found out about her past (which really has nothing to do with him) later. The story keeps her under-developed to keep us seeing the beauty of this girl and not the chick with 7 ex’s.

  3. that’s a good way to look at it. i was just expecting some personality to be delivered by the actress and didn’t get much. i was not compelled to like her or not, even with her background. esp. with such an expressive rogue’s gallery, you think she’d exhibit some sign of life or character… but alas.

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