No Problems With Your Philosophy Until…

…It crosses an ethical treatment line.

You see I really have no problem with Athiests, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, etc…until one’s faith pushes ideas that border on the ethical mis-treatment of humanity (or even animals).

And this is really really really key. Because most debates I have with people of other faiths or no-faiths is about ‘treatment of the other’ and using one’s philosophy to justify abuses. Honestly, I don’t care if someone wants to be Scientologist – no sweat off my back; just don’t use that stance as a means to hurt someone else…if this is the case…I full heartedly have to stand against such reasoning.

We live in the West, we have secularism here for some 100+ years in debates already…to not allow secularity in this society is absurd. So what if someone wants to be an atheist – let them. Someone wants to become a Baptist – let them. Religion and lack of religion is not the problem anyways. The human mind is the problem and it’s need for ‘justification’ of one’s own actions. Some will use religion, some will use profiteering, some will use politics, some will use traditions, etc.

The problem can be boiled down to each individual and their ‘problems’, not some system of thought as the ‘problem’. How can I be sure of this? Test it out. Hang out with people from each group you want to see this in (ie: Christians, Catholics, Biddhists, Atheists, etc) and you will find they each use their philosophy on life for ‘back-up’ of their thoughts – no matter the philosophy. Nothing wrong with that – but it can reveal that it’s not the philosophy at fault. In fact, I have met great people from each group aforementioned.

There isn’t a philosophy I would blame as ‘the problem with world’ – again unless they cross the ethical treatment of humans line.


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