War on Christmas?

Apparently there is some kind of war on Christmas or something.

Reality check coming.

Who cares. There are 2 real wars happening in Iraq and Afghanistan where human beings like you and I are being tortured, killed, and mentally broken. Real suffering, real angiush, real bullets.

So wrap that present, listen to the Christmas carols, and enjoy the egg-nog…because whatever war there is on Christmas it’s media BS.


Lost God.

Does God get lost in our constructs? Our pathways? Our institutional guidelines? Is there even a God to find after we get through with assembling our institutions dedicated to Him?

I have found some of what I am questioning here to be at the heart of the matter concerning faith in God.

Churches, for example, have pretty intricate systems that define how one can reach God. There are services, prayer meetings, communion, tent meetings, revivals, many sets of rules by which one must live by, altar calls, etc. But is this God’s plan or just some churches way to make sense of God? Does church replace God at some point?

Is the search for truth impeded by the simplicity of the church? God is losing some mystery in churches. He’s figured out. There is no secrecy to God. He cannot be seen, nor has He been, but somehow the church has developed a whole system by which He can be totally accessed. Is this a joke or something?

I think we lost God. We have church.

5 Years of Blogging

I have been blogging for 5 years this month (started this trip in Dec 2005).

What I love about blogging is the personal interaction with people from a variety of backgrounds – and getting that feedback about some of the things you think and believe. Doing this for 5 years has helped me to change a lot of my views via questioning and research.

People don’t realize how secluded they are from the larger world outside them. Until social networking exploded. Blogging is part of that social networking. I also love facebook because of much of these same reasons – interaction on ideas.

I don’t have any plans to stop blogging, for me it is very therapuetic…reminds me of writing music (ie: in its inherent creativity). Plus, I love talking about faith/religion and where it fits in community…fact is most churches wouldn’t have me speak if they wanted to (ie: too much of a rebel and don’t believe many of the same tenets). This is my outlet.