Lost God.

Does God get lost in our constructs? Our pathways? Our institutional guidelines? Is there even a God to find after we get through with assembling our institutions dedicated to Him?

I have found some of what I am questioning here to be at the heart of the matter concerning faith in God.

Churches, for example, have pretty intricate systems that define how one can reach God. There are services, prayer meetings, communion, tent meetings, revivals, many sets of rules by which one must live by, altar calls, etc. But is this God’s plan or just some churches way to make sense of God? Does church replace God at some point?

Is the search for truth impeded by the simplicity of the church? God is losing some mystery in churches. He’s figured out. There is no secrecy to God. He cannot be seen, nor has He been, but somehow the church has developed a whole system by which He can be totally accessed. Is this a joke or something?

I think we lost God. We have church.


5 thoughts on “Lost God.

  1. God’s an awfully elusive bugger. I wonder if God wants to be found. 🙂

    Some people do thrive and become amazing people through a church. As long as churches don’t take their hierarchies seriously, or if they make efforts to invert them, then a church community can be quite benign and cool.


  2. I agree pretty much. I don’t have a problem with church per se – but I do notice it can get in the way to growth in one’s faith…which is kind of unfortunate. I learned a lot at church personally, but in order to continue to grow I had to leave – the church became stagnant as a growth mechanism for me. Part of that is my fault, part of that was the leadership in the churches I attended – being too sticky about rules.

  3. Wow man, good stuff. I like the comments, too. I had to leave a congregation because they thought they had what God wanted pinned down in terms of baptism. Sad to see that, but it happened. I’ve grown so much and learned so much about God since then, and I’m grateful for it.
    What I’ve mostly found what I learned about God is that I actually didn’t know something that I thought I did.

  4. “What I’ve mostly found what I learned about God is that I actually didn’t know something that I thought I did.” (CJ)

    You know, this should be a proverb about the beginning of wisdom, same thing happened to me as soon as I left church. I started to admit I didn’t know as much as I thought I did…from then I started to really sharpen up my views on faith and God.

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