Evangelical Christianity – Seriously?

Just having a debate on a facebook page with someone I used to attend church with (many years back) and some other dude…total hoot.

They don’t believe global warming is real, a contrived theory to take ‘money’ from tax-payers and based in pure fiction.

The one dude is going off about political science issues and how liberal, Marxist, communist thinking people think the end of the world would come about via Western politics and economy, God forbid God would punish the ‘greedy’. He’s acting as if the West and Capitalism is so ‘saintly’ and the bible directed way to govern a country. Laughable to say the least.

Problem with Evangelicalism can be summed up in those convo’s – so here’s a treat – excerpts:

Then, gusess what … we had some global warming to get rid of the ice age and so it goes. Always somebody try ing to get more taxes out of us. ie Carbon tax” (Stew)

No, the 666 isn’t capitalist at all, but ‘progressive, liberal, socialist, communist, marxist’ which is patterned in the Bible…” (Stephen)

When we turn from God, we get socialism et al, which stands contrary to Gods Gov’t” (Stephen)

We in America and ancient Israel, were to be an example to the world of what life could be like on this rock…” (Stephen)

Liberalism was founded in the Garden of Eden when Adam & Eve rejected Gods truth for the lie of Satan. When they realized they were ‘naked’ because they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good n evil, they tried to hide it when the Lord came to them.
Who did Adam & Eve blame? Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent…typical of liberalism which we see today. It’s ALWAYS someone elses fault and we’re all victims now” (Stephen)

If you’re a ‘christian’ Jay, you’d better open up His word and stop listening to your pastor if he’s teaching you ‘social justice’ and tripe like that, because Gods word is about Liberty…” (Stephen)

And some in the world continue on in wilfull ignorance.


15 thoughts on “Evangelical Christianity – Seriously?

  1. So since Republicans blame Democrats and conservatives blame liberals, according to his logic, they are all a part of liberalism as well.

  2. This isn’t necessarily reflective of Evangelicalism. It all sounds more congruent with the conservative Right than with Evangelicalism per se and conservatives (nor liberals) can not lay claim to a particular expression of Christisnity.

  3. if you ever want someone to be arrogant, give them an ideology. if you want someone to arrogant and feel justified in it, just add religion.

    funny thing about religion, at least my understanding of it anyway, is not that it justifies your bias and prejudices but work to undermine them every step of the way.

    some say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.

  4. “So since Republicans blame Democrats and conservatives blame liberals, according to his logic, they are all a part of liberalism as well” (Xander)

    I had a good laugh at his logic, guess what party he supports in the States?

    Tea Baggers.

    As the convo went on he revealed that tidbit of info and I was like ‘of course’.

  5. “It all sounds more congruent with the conservative Right than with Evangelicalism” (JT)

    Accurate, in fact the guy supported Conservative causes – and is now a ‘tea bagger’.

  6. My problem with the convo with this dude, which is still ongoing on facebook, is that he thinks he is ‘right’. I am willing to admit that I am socialist leaning (politically and economically) but not totally, I have some conservative views as well. I just don’t think my limited knowledge is ‘right’…it can work and maybe that’s about it.

    But Z1G nailed it – add religion to politics and ‘boom – not only is he right – he’s arrogant.

    I am trying to talk him out of being a right wing nut right now – probably won’t happen since I am the enemy – a socialist (his label not mine) – and follow the anti-Christ’s agenda…since when did Coke and Wal-Mart become Socialists?

  7. I agree, there is no actual theologocial agenda in the conversaiton you are having with these 2 men; obviously you are going to ‘hell’ for being a socialist and that is the extent of their theology. Politics is the forum and at that, it appears that we are once again baited into fascist politics versus socialist.

    The scary thing is that these 2 men do not really know how close they are, in regard to their worldview and ideology, to supporting something resembling ‘national socialism’. They have the extreme nationalist part down to a science but just change the ‘socialism’ to some basic ideology about the free-market, then sprinkle in some neo-conservative christian dogma, and you have a new brand of fascist thought. Totalitarian in its scope.

    As you have already witnessed, the greatest ‘sin’ against this new breed of fascism is critical thought; as it always is. We are not allowed to object to either: God, country, and capital ($$).

  8. your conversation also reminds me of my fav. anti-Tea Party sign: “Obama is NOT a brown-skin anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of Jesus.”

  9. “As you have already witnessed, the greatest ‘sin’ against this new breed of fascism is critical thought; as it always is” (Johnny)

    Soooo true. To be honest it’s a very civil conversation, however the one guy pretty much admitted to me about standing opposed to race-mixing, hating gay rights, and anti-abortion. I was like, isn’t there a Christian organization for that already, the KKK.

  10. Good point Z1G, which is what I am trying to approproate to them about Jesus, he may have had more socialist leanings then they want to admit – they’d rather just pretend he didn’t have a home and was a sort of ‘vagabond’ in a system that kind of was capitalistic. They don’t like it when I say Jesus didn’t have a job, oh he had a misson, just not a job.

  11. Back when George W. Bush was president a few years into the Iraq War, he went to give a commencement address at an Evangelical college, and faced several protests. There was a significant part of the student body that opposed Bush’s policies. I am no fan of evangelical Christianity, and as a socialist myself I am obviously no fan of the religious right, but it is interesting to note that not all evangelicals are actually part of the religious right. I think that some evangelicals do take seriously the idea of Jesus as a promoter of social justice and peace. (Here is the US, “socialist” is, alas, a dirty word in most political discourse, and the reasons for that are for another day and another time.)

  12. I hear ya Mystical Seeker, the Socialist idea within America right now reminds me of McCarthy-ism from the 50’s – that dislike of it – via relating it to Communism.

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