Method For Evaluating Faith

An idea called ‘Action Research’ seems to be quite reflective of good religious behavior. Just read about it in a HR class I am taking about strategic HR management.

The idea has 4 steps (well 5 actually)

1. Diagnose behavior

2. Planning (how to change)

3. Take Action (to change)

4. Evaluate

5. Repeat steps again to refine behavior

The idea within this model is organizational but I see a personal element to it. It relates to religious practice as well, at least how I have always done things anyways. An example is the best way to relate this point.

1. Diagnosis: Anxiety about my future

2. Planning: Teaching is to not be ‘anxious for anything – God seems to think you’re covered’

3. Take Action: Implement the idea of confidence about the future; take some mini-steps in change like finishing my grade 12 and applying to a college (at this point I was a drop-out for a year and half)

4. Evaluate: The steps taken worked, I feel more confident in my future. Now to refine the process even more.

5. Repeat steps: Evaluate what I am stll anxious about and develop ways to deal with those issues (ie: where am I going to live? how am I going to afford this life? Is it normal to not look people in the eyes?)

This is how religious change seems to occur, on some type of evaluation system and comparison of what works and what doesn’t. I just don’t most people have the words to put it into some methodology…so I did this one up.


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