My End Time Theory – Not That I Am One of Those Guys

Not that I am big into ‘end time’ theology (ie: eschatology) but I if the world is going to come to some level of destruction the writing is on the ‘proverbial’ wall (reference to book of Daniel).

So How and Why does it end?

Capitalism (capitalization of earth’s resources) has taken too much from the earth and could not replace it. With the West not slowing down on this craze and now China and India joining in; we have problems as is admitted by most energy scientists.

What was taken? Wood, water, minerals, energy sources (ie: oil), food (animals and fish), land (ie: monocultures destroy the soil), and the air (via pollution).

Environment cries out to warn us – stop. Global warming is the tip of the melted iceberg in this scenario. Temperature rise, weather becomes more unstable, and the push of various animals into different eco-systems destroys natures balance. Food becomes scarce because of these changes alongside population increase. Water, already a scarce resource, becomes a major fighting issue on the global scene (alongside oil). Pollution, not being curbed enough, helps to destroy our lakes and rivers – along with monocultures destroying land making it desertified.

Wars and rumors of wars is a constant thing as the battle for the resorces and best land becomes tanramount to existence on this planet. The use of bombs becomes an obvious option as planet reductionism (over-population) is considered to be core to this problem and the country with the biggest arsenal can capture the most resources.

One world gov’t and all that jazz, well it is a global community as is with trade and international business and even laws from the West are slowly moving into countries they deal with. Will there be some world leader that makes this worse? If I am a betting man knowing human greed, yes.

If I had to be an ‘end-times’ guy this is where I would go with it. All civilizations have their ending according to history, what makes us any different?


7 thoughts on “My End Time Theory – Not That I Am One of Those Guys

  1. Changes, they are a’coming. But this does not mean The End. The world will continue. What’s really up for grabs is how well we as a species will adapt. My prediction?

    Quite well.

  2. good post.

    Whatever end times we face it is certain man will be the culprit. We have set things in motion that can not easily be stopped or corrected. Some day the law of unintended consequences just might bite us real good. Then what?


  3. So true Bruce, humanity seems to be the culprit in each and every scenario one can envision for some ‘end of the days’ doom and gloom. The anti-Christ idea seems so dumb when it is apparent there enough at work from human hands to destroy humanity some 70 times over. We really don’t need satans help it would seem.

  4. i’ve always found the end-times, apocalyptic parts of the bible to be hard to deal with. would the historical Jesus have said these things or not? then i realized, i don’t really care as when these are metaphorically understood, we realize a great truth. every generation thinks they are living in the end times largely because we has rational creatures can’t imagine a world that we’re not a part of.

    i preached a sermon on this in November as well as our guest preacher David Andersen on 1-30-11. enjoy!

  5. “every generation thinks they are living in the end times largely because we has rational creatures can’t imagine a world that we’re not a part of.” (Luke)

    Good point, psychologically this makes a lot of sense.

  6. 1.If you haven’t thoroughly studied the prophecies in the Old and New testaments, it’s just easy to say that the end-time prophecies are all hype.

    2.If you believe in the bible (.. all Scripture is inspired by God), then you believe in Jesus. If you believe in Jesus, then you would believe what Jesus has told regarding end times. Take the prophecies literally and not just as metaphors.
    3.The present world will cease to exist but life will continue according to the bible. (.. there will be a new heaven and new earth..)

    God bless you all!!!

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