Positivity Should Be Contagious

I have a lot of friends on facebook that are Christians…and they are happy, well positive anyways.

Each morning I am checking my status updates to see who I can bother and joke around with and I notice many of my Christian friends, who feel the need to talk about God each morning, always have positive statuses. ‘God bless you today’ or ‘this is a day the Lord has made and I will rejoice’ or ‘God has made this a great day’. I like that (to be honest)…it’s a nice affirming way to start the day.

I may disagree on a lot of the theological stuff but on some of the more day to day stuff, I tend to see some real positivity within the faith of Christianity.


7 thoughts on “Positivity Should Be Contagious

  1. Funny tidbit – the other day for my status update I put some lyrics from the Rolling Stones song ‘Faraway Eyes’. They go something like Mick is listening to the gospel station and the preacher tells him he ‘has the Lord on his side’..so he runs 20 red lights in His honor. Then say’s ‘thank you Jesus, thank you Lord’.

    Not sure how that went over with those people but I had a laugh and 1/2 when I heard the lyric.

  2. I think I’d agree with you more if I couldn’t remember the insincerity with which those positive statements were constantly uttered. It reminds me of all those faith healers that want you to thank god for your healing even while you’re dying of cancer. I knew far too many people who would praise god for a wonderful day when their day was obviously going very badly. Yes, it’s good to be positive, but it’s also good to be honest and authentic.

    Maybe my christian friends and relatives really are having wonderful, blessed days every day of their lives. I would be very surprised if that was truly the case.

  3. “I think I’d agree with you more if I couldn’t remember the insincerity with which those positive statements were constantly uttered” (Grasshopper)

    Amen (lol). I hear what you’re saying (and agree to some degree), I just kind of find some it refreshing in the multitude of facebook statuses that can be seen as ‘negative’.

  4. I talked with a server at a restaurant a while back. I asked who the worst tippers were, she said “Christians after Sunday service”. Now thats sharing the good word. 😉

  5. “Luxury? If they dont get tips they only make minimum wage, hardly a luxury” (John)

    Tipping for you and I is a luxury (is what I meant). If we were making minimum wage – would we tip others in the same financial scenario? What about those working the hundreds of minumum wage jobs that don’t get tipped?

    Facts are, if we are making a decent wage, we can afford to tip. I am finding in this society that it is becoming the ‘norm’ to tip, to not tip is deemed ‘unfair’…whether in a restaraunt or someone delivering food.

    I get the good reasons to ‘tip’ – since they are doing you a ‘service’…a service mind you they are paid for by their bosses.

    Shouldn’t we tip the people that work in convenience stores that serve us? This seems to be a non-tipping encounter however they may be just as handy (and even more so) than someone in a restaraunt or delivering my pizza.

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