Give the Money Back

I remember Chuck D talking about a concept with businesses marketing to black teens with their footwear and clothing, heck even music, and not supporting the neighborhoods these kids come from – the song is called ‘Shut Em’ Down’. I am slightly inspired by the ideas within the context of that song except on a larger scale.

98% of the wealth in the West is being eaten by 2% of the people. 2% of the wealth is being shared like crumbs amongst that other 98%. Inequity is the balance of our courrent economy, which is really economies of scale from companies without a human face. It’s a game that is seemingly one-sided and on the ‘take’. This is Capitalism ‘gone wild’.

The problem I see within that economic situation is a simple one: the basic working person is being squeezed of their every last dollar to make the society work. If you work, you pay the bill for the rich and the companies they invented for your society. People complain about paying for the poor, but this is clearly not that case economically. These companies pay their share while you flip the bill for society’s share…even if their sitting on billions and your sitting on month to month living. It’s a divine comedy of some sort.

Solution: Give the money back!


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